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Educational and Trick Training Bird Toys on Sale at FunTime Birdy

Is your feathered friend the next You Tube sensation?  Come on in and check out all our fun educational and trick training bird toys and see if they are.

We have them all….from Basketball Hoops, Ring Toss, Swizzle Sticks, Bird Skateboards and more.

Check out our in action videos below:

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Diego the African Grey Playing with his FunTime Birdy Ring Toss

Diego the African Grey received his FunTime Birdy Medium Ring Toss in time for the Holidays and is having a blast with it.  Check out his pictures below.  Thanks to Diego’s Mom Cathy Z. for the great pictures.  For more fun and educational bird toys from FunTime Birdy click here.

Diego in action with his ring toss Diego getting posing with his Ring toss Diego getting Ready to Play with his Ring toss

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Sale Page Banner Dec 2012

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Bird Tricks – Swizzle Sticks and Bird Skates Back in Stock

Great news!!!………..Our Swizzle Stick Bird Trick for Amazon to Macaw Parrots is back in stock.  It is my Severe Macaw Buddy’s favorite trick to do.  Check out the video below as he demonstrates the art of the “Swizzle”.

Also back in stock are the Roller Skates from Bell Plastics.  We have the Roller Skates for Amazons and African Greys and the larger Roller Skates for Cockatoo and Macaw size birds.  These are great for that bird that wants some excitement and fun in their life.

FunTime Birdy

Pet Bird Training Tips for Owners

Pet Bird Training Tips

Pet Bird Training Tips

When you first start to train your feathered friend remember to keep the training fun. This is a special time for your and your feathered guy so the more upbeat you are the more they respond.

I think that this special time is a great bonding experience for you and your feathered baby.  I have found that it is important to keep the training session short…..this way their attention span is focused on you and you only.

Here is a great article from Bird Channel on Training Tips for Bird Owners

Check out the full line of educational bird tricks at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy

Can your Parrot Help you with your Mail?

Kacy the Black Capped Conure

Kacy the Black Capped Conure

Cute video of the amazing Kacy the Conure.  She is so so talented.  Our parrots are really good at doing tricks like Basketball and the Ring Toss but Kacy has so many tricks.

FunTime Birdy has a full line of Educational Trick Training props for your bird.

FunTime Birdy Educational and Trick Training Bird Toys

New Arrivals at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy New ArrivalsI am so excited to let everyone know that just in time for Spring we have added Roller Skate Trick Training toys for Amazons and Roller Skates for Macaws to our line of Educational and Trick Training Toys.

We have also added a whole new assortment of Bird Perches ranging from Cholla Bird Perches/Hardwood Bird Perches, Pedicure/Cement Bird Perches, Edible Bird Perches and to top that all off we have added a new line of Shreddable Bird toys.

FunTime Birdy Cyber Weekend Sale

Cyber Weekend SaleI just want to let everyone know that starting Saturday, 11/28/09 through Monday, 11/30/09 FunTime Birdy is running a Cyber Weekend special sale.

Free shipping on all orders over $25.

Lots of bird toys, foraging bird toys, educational bird toys, trick training bird toys and parrot playgyms on sale.  Join in on the savings and fun!!!!!!!!