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Sunflower Seeds…Are they bad for my Parrot?

Sunflower Seeds and Parrots

Sunflower Seeds and Parrots

When we bought our first bird Marshmellow 18 years ago there was not much information about what to feed parrots. We gave Marshmellow a mix of fruits, vegetables, and some of the items we were eating for dinner. She also had a bowl full of seeds. In the seeds were sunflower seeds. A couple of years after Marshmellow had been a member of our home information on nutrition and Parrots was more evolved and much of the information showed that a plain seed diet was not good for parrots. With this information, Marshmellow very rarely received seeds or in this case sunflower seeds. Now 18 years later, the question remains…..Is a seed diet good for my parrot or in this case are Sunflower seeds bad for my parrot.

Here is an interesting article on “Are Sunflower Seeds Bad for Parrots” from Bryan’s Angels.

Are Sunflower Seeds Bad for Parrots

I think the best advice is everything in moderation (with exception of dangerous foods like chocolate, etc).  This advice is the same for humans.

If you want to give your feathered friend a tasty, healthy treat….. try lafeber treats.