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Holiday Sale at FunTime Birdy – Take an Additional 10% Off your Order

Sale Page Banner Dec 2012

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Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy – Gobble Up the Savings

Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy

Now through November 30th……….Save 10% to 40% on FunTime Birdy Bird Toys and Parrot Playgyms.

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Shredville Bird Toy

Shredville Bird Toy

What Bird Toy(s) is Best for my Bird?

What Bird Toy is Best for My Bird?

African Grey with the FunTime Birdy ShredFest

We are asked many times……what bird toy would you suggest for my bird?

I always break bird toys into categories.  Here are my suggestions…..Remember the more bird toys your feathered friend has the more occupied he/she will be and the happier they will be.

•    Chewable Bird Toys:  Toys they can chew on: Most parrots have thick beaks that they love to use.  So bird toys made out of wood and plastic are your best bet.  Here are some examples of chewable bird toys.

Tubular Pops Bird Toy for Parakeets

SuperPop Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Birdy Cubed for Amazon and African Grey Size Birds

Kaleidescope Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

•    Shreddable Bird Toys:  Toys they can shred: Birds can be destructive—and they absolutely love engaging in this behavior. It provides them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Shreddable toys are a safe way to allow your bird to indulge themselves.

Small Octopus Bird Toy by Planet Pleasures

Shredville Bird Toy

ShredFest Bird Toy

Shred Sandwich Bird Toy

•    Foraging Bird Toys:   Foraging bird toys allow you to hide food inside a toy—forcing your feathered friend to work for their dinner. Since birds are natural foragers, this type of parrot toy is a great addition to any  collection.

Barrel of Fun Bird Toy by Caitec

Hide N seek Bird Toy by Caitec

Eco Forage Packs

Creative Foraging Kits

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Take 10% Off Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms and More at FunTime Birdy

Take 10% Off at FunTime Birdy

Take 10% Off at FunTime Birdy

Take an additional 10% Off Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Educational Bird Toys, Shreddable Bird Toys, Bird Perches and more at FunTime Birdy now until June 16th.  Use Coupon Code FTBTEN at checkout.

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FunTime Birdy

Shreddable Bird Toy Sale – 3 Days Left

Bird Kabob Bird Toy

Bird Kabob Bird Toys by Wesco

Our birds just love shreddable bird toys.  Shreddable bird toys are great for the parrot who is just learning to play or for those who love to play with bird toys already.

Our Severe Macaw “Buddy” just loves his Square Tower bird toy by Planet Pleasures.   Often during the day we find “Buddy” just having a ball tossing it from side to side and shredding his Square Tower Bird Toy.

Our Parakeet “Snowy” recently found out how cool it was to shred Bird Kabobs by Wesco.  She already needs to get a new one as this one is almost gone.

There is only 3 days left to our incredible Shreddable Bird Toy Sale.  Come on in and see what all the “Shredding” is about. (LOL)

FunTime Birdy

7 Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips

Here are a few tips for providing superior care to your feathered friends:

1.    Seeds and nuts should make up no more than 10% of your bird’s diet and can be used as treats. It is very important to start your bird on a Pelleted diet as soon as possible.  Fruits, veggies and leafy greens should be given twice a day.  Our gang receives fresh fruit in the morning and at night they receive fresh veggies.  We try and switch the order around so it never gets boring.  Some of our guys like the veggies…..some don’t but over time they dig their beaks into their bowl.

2.    Avoid salty snacks. Crackers and other processed foods should never be given to your parrot. Too much sodium can be toxic to parrots. Even though it may be tempting to hand your bird a cracker as he/she is sitting on his bird stand……don’t give in. Offer him/her an apple slice or a grape instead.

3.    Provide your parrot with plenty of bird toys. Invest in shreddable bird toys, educational bird toys, foot toys and other type of play items you can think of for your feathered friend to enjoy.

4.    Never leave your parrot unattended on his parrot playgyms . Always keep a close eye on your feathered friend when he/she is outside of his cage. He/she could get into mischief.  Marshmellow our Umbrella Cockatoo always has a knack of finding the phone cord and chewing it to bits….thank god for cord less phones.  (LOL)

5.    Keep strong fumes away from your bird. Scented candles, hairspray, non-stick cookware and nail polish remover are very toxic to birds.  We have heard so many horror stories from bird owners not knowing this tip.

6.    Provide your bird with fresh water daily. Clean, fresh water that is free from food particles and droppings is essential for maintaining your parrot’s health.

7.     Invest in a large parrot cage. Your bird needs ample space to move around and play with his bird toys. So invest in the largest cage you can afford—remember this is an investment in your bird’s happiness.

FunTime Birdy

Spring has Sprung Sale at FunTime Birdy

Spring Sale at FunTime Birdy

Spring Sale at FunTime Birdy

Our annual Spring Sale is underway at FunTime Birdy.

Great savings on your favorite bird toys, parrot playgyms, bird perches, shreddable bird toys and more!

FunTime Birdy

Spiked Pinata Bird Toy – Before and After Shots

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Our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow absolutely loves this Spiked Pinata Shreddable Bird toy.  She was a little shy of it at first and then she tore into it a little each day.   This bird toy is deceiving because there is a lot of interwoven material on the outside of the bird toy and even more shreddable Bird Toy stuff inside of it.  I was so excited to see how much she loves it that I had to take a picture.

Above is a before and after picture.

Does your bird love to destroy shreddable bird toys?  Let me know.



Spring Sale at FunTime Birdy

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New Arrivals at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy New ArrivalsI am so excited to let everyone know that just in time for Spring we have added Roller Skate Trick Training toys for Amazons and Roller Skates for Macaws to our line of Educational and Trick Training Toys.

We have also added a whole new assortment of Bird Perches ranging from Cholla Bird Perches/Hardwood Bird Perches, Pedicure/Cement Bird Perches, Edible Bird Perches and to top that all off we have added a new line of Shreddable Bird toys.