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Educational and Trick Training Bird Toys on Sale at FunTime Birdy

Is your feathered friend the next You Tube sensation?  Come on in and check out all our fun educational and trick training bird toys and see if they are.

We have them all….from Basketball Hoops, Ring Toss, Swizzle Sticks, Bird Skateboards and more.

Check out our in action videos below:

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Nothin’ but a Good Time Bird Toys Video

Buddy the Severe Macaw playing Ring Toss

Buddy the Severe Macaw playing Ring Toss

Our birds just love to perform. It wasn’t until about a year ago did we know how talented our flock was.

First, “Buddy” our Severe Macaw started to play basketball, ring toss and swizzle sticks. It wasn’t much before Kiwi our Double Yellow Headed Amazon started to join in. Even my Mom’s Quaker Phantom loves to play with his Ring Toss.

Watch the video below as the FunTime Birdy Birds strut their Tail Feathers (LOL) in a video called “Nothin’ but a Good Time”