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Diego the African Grey Playing with his FunTime Birdy Ring Toss

Diego the African Grey received his FunTime Birdy Medium Ring Toss in time for the Holidays and is having a blast with it.  Check out his pictures below.  Thanks to Diego’s Mom Cathy Z. for the great pictures.  For more fun and educational bird toys from FunTime Birdy click here.

Diego in action with his ring toss Diego getting posing with his Ring toss Diego getting Ready to Play with his Ring toss

Ring Toss for Amazon and African Grey Parrots

Ring Toss for Parrots

Educational Bird Toys - Ring Toss

Our FunTime Birdy Ring Toss Trick is back in stock.  One of our most popular toys is back!!!!  Your bird(s) will have loads of fun entertaining themselves plus entertaining you with this magnificent bird trick.

Also available in Cockatiel/Conure size Ring Toss and Cockatoo/Macaw size Ring Toss.

If your bird needs help……..don’t fret…………our Severe Macaw Buddy can help teach your parrot “How to do the Ring Toss”