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Parrot Drinking with Cup

This Cockatoo enjoys drinking from a cup……even though it is a tiny, little, little cup.  LOL

How Cute and Dainty is that!

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These Birds Crack me Up

I never get tired of this commercial from Windex.  These 2 crows are always so entertaining.  They remind me of my African Grey Jerry who loves to laugh and play jokes.

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Parrot Thinks he’s a Dog

This Parrot thinks he is a dog commercial

Parrot thinks he is a Dog

Funny commercial for a spa for dogs.  Poor guy…..he just wants to play.  (LOL)

Does your parrot think he’s a dog or cat or another animal?  I would love to know.  Our African Grey “Jerry” just loves to walk around the house.  He taught himself to climb up and down the stairs.  He now has the ability to follow us throughout our home just like a puppy dog would.

Let me know your funny bird stories


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