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5 Steps to Photographing Your Parrot

Possible FBPhotographing your parrot can be a fun way to preserve memories. As you watch your parrot’s cute antics on his/her bird stand or parrot playgym, you can’t help but want to capture that moment on camera. If you enjoy taking pictures, it is also a great way to expand your hobby. You can store these photos as keepsakes, send them to magazines, post them on your blog or enter them in pet photo contents. You can even showcase your bird photography at your local county fair or pet store bulletin board.

Here are a few steps to taking great pictures of your feathered friends:

Step #1: Select the Right Equipment

For best results, use a high-quality digital camera with a fast lens or shutter speed. If your camera pauses, or takes 3-4 seconds to snap a photo, you could miss the perfect pose. As your parrot is playing with his/her bird toys, or climbing around on his parrot playgym, he/she rarely sits still—so capturing the perfect photo requires a camera with fast action. You may also want a camera that has a telephoto lens. This will enable you to take detail-oriented pictures from a distance. At the very least, be sure your camera has a zoom feature. This will allow you to take “close-up” pictures without distorting your parrot’s face.

Step #2: Pick a Background

This is the fun part!! You can take pictures of your parrot on his bird stand,  or even outside. Try selecting a solid background that makes your bird stand-out. Avoid too much clutter such as laundry, dishes or a dirty birdcage. Make your parrot the center of the photo.

Step #3: Experiment with the Angle

In order to take a quality picture, every shot does not have to be head-on. Get creative and have fun experimenting with different angles. Try standing on a step-stool looking down at your bird; lie on the floor and look up, or squat to the side. The options are endless!!

Step #4: Use Natural Lighting

Soft, natural light is best when taking pictures of your parrot. If you are trying to snap a few shots of your parrot on his/her bird cage, open all the blinds/shades  and let the natural light flood the room. Avoid using a flash, if possible. The flash could scare your bird and can cause your bird’s eyes to look red in the photo. If you want to take pictures outside, try doing so on a cloudy or overcast day. If the sky is clear and the sun is out, take your photos in the early morning or later evening. The sunlight is much softer during these times and there will be fewer shadows.

Step #5: Get Your Parrot’s Attention

This can be a challenge. And you may only be able to hold their attention for a couple of seconds—which is why a fast-acting camera is essential. You can use various bird toys, or sounds to coax your parrot to look your way. When you have the perfect pose—snap the camera quickly!!!

Have fun and enjoy!!!

FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Happy Customer Video

This is an oldie but goodie…..It is our very first video we made back in 2007.  A compilation of all our Happy Customers and their feathered friends enjoying their FunTime Birdy Parrot Playgyms and Bird Toys.  Enjoy!!!!

FunTime Birdy

Hand-feeding a Baby Parrot

BlueFrontedAmazon(baby)WBA_P76If you purchase a baby parrot that has not been weaned, you have a big job ahead of you. These baby birds are very delicate, requiring an abundance of care and attention.  They primarily need to be nurtured and fed.

Hand-feeding a baby bird is not difficult, but it does take practice and a careful attention to detail. Here are a few tips to help you get started:
1.    Gather the proper equipment. Unlike other baby animals such as puppies, kittens and lambs, birds do not drink from bottles. Instead you will need to feed them with a syringe or eyedropper. When selecting syringes, choose ones that are relatively small, as your parrot’s beak will be tiny. It is also best to find a syringe that has a fairly long tip. This will make the feeding process much easier.

2.    Select a formula. Research various formulas and select one you think is appropriate. When mixing the formula, be sure to follow the instructions on the package. Before you start preparing your feathered friends meal, make sure your counter, sink and faucet are clean and disinfected. Baby birds can be susceptible to bacteria. The formula should be extremely warm—somewhere around 110-107 degrees. Parrots do not like cold formula. Once mixed, the formula should have the consistency of warm pudding or gravy.  If the mixture is too thin, it could cause your baby bird to develop diarrhea; if it is too thick it can get stuck in their throat.  If you are not sure of the temperature you can always check the formula with a thermometer.

3.    Position the baby bird correctly. When it comes to feeding time, handle your parrot gently. If your baby bird is too young to be placed on a bird stand during the feeding process, you will need to set him on your lap. Hold his head securely between two fingers and gently open the beak before inserting food. Having a secure hold on your bird is important. If he becomes startled or jumps at a sudden sound, it could cause food to get into the lungs. This is very dangerous and can be fatal for a young bird. If a large amount of food is inhaled into the lungs, your parrot could die within a few seconds. Smaller particles are also dangerous as they can affect your parrot’s breathing, eventually causing pneumonia and death.
Hand-feeding a baby parrot can be a rewarding process. However, it is important to educate yourself on how to do so correctly. Talk to your avian veterinarian or an experienced breeder before attempting it on your own.

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Only 2 Days Left to Save over 50% on Bird Toys and Bird Tricks

Kiwi on Bird Roller SkatesOur March Madness sale has only 2 days left……yes, March Madness….yes, we know it’s April but the Madness continues.

Save over 50% on bird toys, parrot bird stands, educational bird tricks and more!

Come on in  and join the Madness!!!

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New Year Sale at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Happy New YearThe New Year is here…..and so are the Savings!!!

Save over 40% on your favorite FunTime Birdy Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Educational and Trick Training Bird Toys and more.

The Sale continues through January 19th.

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FunTime Birdy FunStation Play Gym With Kyle – Review

FunTime Birdy FunStation Playgym

FunTime Birdy FunStation Playgym with Kyle

Check out “Kyle” on his new FunTime Birdy FunStation Playgym.  It looks like he found the “Shred Station” toy without any problem.

“Kyle’s Mom Barbara says “Hi Ann –
Thought you might like to see Kyle enjoying his new “play gym”.
He likes the hanging toys, too. He really enjoys that play gym.
Maybe I can get a video of him actually doing something while he’s doing it and not just afterwards.”

Barbara and Kyle (Sulfer Crested Cockatoo) – Florida

Thanks Barbara…..we look forward to the video of Kyle

FunTime Birdy

Leveraging the Power of New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year from FunTime Birdy

Making New Year’s resolutions can be such a productive process that you should include something for your pets on your list. Being a parrot owner comes with a lot of responsibility. There is always something you can do better. So why not leverage the power of New Year’s resolutions and use them to your pet’s advantage?

Here’s how:

Take a little time to think about your feathered friends and their needs. Next, try to come up with 2 or 3 ways you can provide better care, or make their lives more enjoyable. Once you come up with some realistic options, jot them down on your notepad. Here are a few tips to help you through the process:

•    Consider your bird’s physical health:   Having a healthy, happy parrot is one of life’s greatest joys. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your birds happily play on their parrot stands with their bird toys.  When writing your New Year’s resolutions, think of ways you can improve your bird’s physical well-being. Perhaps you should switch to a better brand of food. Or maybe you should offer a wider variety of fruits and veggies. Perhaps your bird needs more exercise than he is getting. If this is the case, invest in some large bird toys and parrot play gyms. Allow your bird to come out of his cage for two hours every day to stretch his wings and play.  He’ll enjoy the break from his cage and normal routine. Little changes like this can go a long way in improving your feathered friends physical health.

•    Consider his mental & emotional needs To be happy and healthy, parrots need more than a hearty meal and fresh drinking water. They also need social interaction and mental stimulation to thrive. As a bird owner, evaluate how you are meeting your bird’s needs in this area. Does your bird seem lonely? Perhaps you should purchase a playmate for him. Or maybe you need to re-adjust your schedule to spend more time with your parrot. There are a number of ways to do this.   Take your bird out of his cage and place him on his parrot playgym where he can sit close to you as you read a book or watch TV. You can come up with fun games to do together utilizing various bird toys.  Since birds are extremely smart and enjoy exercising their brainpower, why not set aside some time to teach your parrot a few bird tricks?

•    Don’t over commit When making resolutions it’s easy to get carried away. You may become so excited by a new idea or concept that you over-commit and end up writing out a long list of over a dozen goals. Unfortunately, this will never work. You won’t be able to follow through with all of those resolutions in a single year. You’ll get tired, discouraged and eventually abandon the ideas all together. To be successful, select 2-3 ways you can improve your feathered friends life this year. Then do them.

If you know you need to get better at keeping new and interesting bird toys in your birds cage, focus on that. If you want to make sure your parrot spends more time with you, purchase a parrot play gym and stick to your new routine.

By taking small steps and not over committing, you will be able to see your success much sooner. Plus you’ll be motivated to stick with your resolutions instead of getting overwhelmed.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you so that you and your birdy can have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2011.

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