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Daddy Long Legs Bird Toy For Cockatiel/Conure Size Birds

Just in time to bring some Summer Fun to your feathered friend…….the Daddy Long Legs Bird Toy from FunTime Birdy for Cockatiel/Conure and dainty African Grey/Amazon size parrots.

Non-Stop shredding and chewing are on the menu….Watch as your feathered friend is captivated by all the various wood and shreddable items included in this tasty dish.

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FunTime Birdy

Birdy Cubed Bird Toy for Amazons – New at FunTime Birdy

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We all know how smart parrots are and now they can learn Algebra…(LOL) with the new FunTime Birdy Birdy Cubed bird toy.

This new bird toy from FunTime Birdy is 4 sides of fun for your Amazon/African Grey size parrot.

Our African Grey Jerry took immediately to chewing the wood chews, plastic dinos and funland characters.  It will easily be your bird’s favorite toy in a mater of seconds.

FunTime Birdy

Bird Toy “Sheena of the Jungle” new from FunTime Birdy

Sheena of the Jungle Bird Toy

Sheena of the Jungle

Our new “Sheena of the Jungle” bird toy for Amazon Parrots and African Grey size parrots would be a great addition to your birds home.

“Bring out the Jungle” in your bird as he/she chews these wood chews in delight.  This bird toy was named after a friend’s African Grey named “Sheena”.  He told us “Sheena is a very picky bird and if she plays with this bird toy then you have a winner”……Well, “Sheena” loved it!!!!!

FunTime Birdy