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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Parrot

LOVE BIRDS (4)Valentine’s Day can be a special occasion for nearly everyone—including parrot owners. You can make the day memorable not only for that special someone in your life, but also for your feathered friend.

And you’re not alone! The National Retail Foundation estimated that pet owners would spend $367 million on their pets for Valentine’s Day. So why not join the fun? Think how surprised your bird will be to wake up to new a bird toy, a bird perch or Parrot Playgym.
As you get started planning for this special day, here are a few safety precautions to remember:
Avoid Candles:  Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be fun. But as much as you enjoy the sweet-smelling aroma of a low-burning candle, the fumes can be toxic to your bird and the flame dangerous.
Hide the Bouquet: If a flower arrangement is sent to you, keep it out of your parrot’s reach. Some flowers can be toxic to birds. Avoid placing flower arrangements near your bird stand, bird perch, or parrot playgym. Instead tuck them safely away in a bedroom or behind a closed door.
Watch the Sweets: Chocolate and other candies are not an appropriate gift for your feathered friend. These products contain substances that can be very harmful, even fatal to your parrot. Avoid leaving candy boxes lying around.

Making Your Parrot’s Day Special
Here are a few ideas to make your parrot’s Valentine’s Day extra sweet:

Purchase Treats:

Parrots love to eat. If you are looking for healthy treats, consider Lafeber Avi Cakes or Lafeber Nutri-Berries. My entire flock loves these healthy treats.

Buy a New Bird Toy:

Toys for birds are not hard to find. But instead of grabbing a cheap item off a store shelf, look for something extra special this year.  There are bird toy companies who produce quality products your bird will love. At Fun Time Birdy you can find handcrafted bird toys, Parakeet bird toys, Cockatiel Bird toys, African Grey Parrot toys, Amazon Parrot toys and Cockatoo bird toys designed specifically with your bird’s needs in mind. These brightly colored toys for birds will keep your parrot entertained for hours.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Feathered Friend from all of us at FunTime Birdy

Pizza and your Quaker Parrot

Edgewater Quakers and Pizza

Edgewater Quakers Love Pizza

I came across an article about how the Brooklyn Quaker Parrots just love pizza.  Who would think that these wild parrots would love pizza?

My husband and I can both vouch for this!  We visit the wonderful Quaker parrots of New Jersey once a year at their  home in Edgewater New Jersey.

Last year we came armed with our Lafeber Avi Cakes….what bird doesn’t love Lafeber Avi Cakes.  Well…..apparently the Quakers from this area of NJ love their pizza more.  Check out pizza crust eating Quaker in this picture.  It seems the local pizzeria supplies these Quakers with pizza on a daily basis.  They did not even touch the Lafeber Avi Cakes we brought for them.  Live and learn…mental note…….bring pizza when visiting the wild Quakers of New York and now New Jersey.

Check out the article by Nancy Mure entitled “The Pizza Man and the Parrots”

Lafeber Avi Cakes On Sale at FunTime Birdy thru 7/14

Lafeber Avi Cakes - Amazon/African Grey Size

Lafeber Avi Cakes

Lafeber Avi Cakes are absolutely my birds favorite treat.  Whether it’s our parakeet “Snowy” or all the the way up to our big Umbrella Cockatoo “Marshmellow”, Avi Cakes are always the crowd pleaser.

Lafeber Avi Cakes are great to add to your bird(s) favorite foraging toys.  Our Double Yellow Headed Amazon “Kiwi”, loves to forage thru his Nature’s Instinct “Turn and Learn” to find his Lafeber Avi Cakes.

Lafeber Avi Cakes are:

  • Nutritionally complete
  • Omega 3 & 6 balanced
  • Excellent foraging food
  • Naturally preserved
  • Naturally flavored
  • Great meal or treat
  • Excellent conversion food

Lafeber Avi Cakes are available at www.funtimebirdy.com