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Our African Grey Jerry Intrigued by Human Scale

Our African Grey “Jerry’s” latest new thing is to walk into the bathroom in his bedroom and weigh himself on our human scale. I just had to take of picture of him on the human scale.

I can’t figure out whether……..Jerry is weighing himself because he wants to bulk up or slim down for a lady bird? (LOL)

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Jerry for Facebook

Jerry Our African Greys New Feathers

We are so happy to announce that our African Grey Jerry has 95% of all his feathers back.

We adopted Jerry back in 2001 and he has on and off been a feather plucker.  After changing his diet last year to only vegetables and Harrison’s Pellets and Roudybush pellets his feathers made a comeback….. Plus every other night on his dinner veggie meal we sprinkle some Hemp Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds (No salt ) on top of his veggies.

Check out Jerry’s photos below in chronological order.

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Jerry1Jerry2Jerry1 Jerry2 Jerry3

Tips on Getting your Parrot To Talk

One of the great things about parrots is that they can talk or imitate human voice and sounds.  No other animal can do that.

The only thing is that not every bird will talk…….sometimes it takes time for them to realize that they can talk.  Here are some tips on getting your feathered friend to talk.

  1. Make it Fun – Say something short……like “Good Morning” or “Bye Bye”.  It is best to use your target word in your daily routines about the house.  When you wake your feathered friend in the morning……say “Good Morning” in an animated voice.  Do it every day…..repitition is the key.
  2. Be the Flock Leader – Parrots are flock animals and they always want to join the group.  As the Flock Leader…….keep your bird interested in daily conversations with the other human beings in the home, play music, watch TV and gab away with your bird like they are human.
  3. Be Consistent – Consistency pays off when training parrots.  Keep up with the same phrases, TV shows, music etc.
  4. Expectations – Not all birds will talk and that is OK, we love all our feathered friends because of their companionship and not because they talk.  Some birds take a long time to get the knack of talking or even making sounds.  (Below is a video of our African Grey Jerry Talking……he is quite the talker)

FunTime Birdy

Polo the Laughing Macaw

This Macaw named “Polo” really knows how to get the laughter going.  Our African Grey “Jerry” does the same thing.  Once Jerry starts laughing…..we laugh…..he laughs….the rest of our flock laughs…..it’s infectious.

FunTime Birdy

Our African Grey Jerry’s 16th Birdthday Party

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Jerry, our African Grey just celebrated his 16th birthday.  The party was attended by his entire flock of brothers and sisters…..Marshmellow (Umbrella Cockatoo), Buddy (Severe Macaw), Kiwi (DYH Amazon), and Snowy (Parakeet).  Jerry had a great time and is enjoying his new bird toy as you can see by the pics.

Happy Birthday Jerry!!!!!


Mom and Dad
FunTime Birdy

Happy Hatch Day to our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow

Marshmellow the Umbrella Cockatoo

Happy Birthday Marshie!!!

I can’t believe today our little baby girl Marshmellow is 20 years old.  She doesn’t look a day older than 3 (LOL).

It seems like just yesterday our 2 month old baby girl Marshmellow came to live with us.

We will be having a party for Marshie over the weekend…..complete with cake (okay it is cream of wheat) and lots of toys.  Of course, Jerry our Grey will be singing Happy “Bird Day” (LOL)

Mommy and Daddy want to wish you a very Happy Hatch Day Marshmellow!!!

FunTime Birdy

Talking African Grey named Jerry

Our African Grey Jerry just loves to talk and sing.  He is always keeping us amused.  Check out his very first You Tube video below.

In this video Jerry’s favorite sayings are:

Ringing the phone
Who Farted?
Jerry…what’s your phone?
Your a good boy Jerry Zych
Happy Birthday…..Happy Bird Day
and much more!! Enjoy!!!

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy