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Selecting Holiday Presents Your Bird Will Love

Bird Toy Gifts for your Bird

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Shopping for gifts is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season. Who doesn’t love to give and receive presents? If you’re wondering what types of toys to buy your parrot for the holidays, this article will give you a few guidelines:

  1. They should be colorful

Parrots love bright, colorful toys. They have exceptional eyesight and can see very well in full color. Some experts believe they can even see a broader spectrum of colors than people. Your bird will be instantly attracted to bird toys that are red, orange, yellow or pink. Additionally, brightly-colored bird toys will help spice up your parrot’s cage and create a pleasant atmosphere.

2.  They should be well-made

Toys for birds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Each bird will enjoy different types of bird toys.   Your cockatoo may only play with plastic toys while he is on his bird stand. Your Amazon may prefer wooden bird toys. In most cases, birds are adaptable and enjoy numerous types of bird toys. So variety is your best bet when shopping for your feathered baby.   Look for toys that are made from plastic, rope & wood.

While it may be easier to run down to a local pet store or bird store while shopping for bird toys, selecting toys from a company who specializes in this area can be extra fun.  Most shopping outlets will have a limited selection. Additionally, many of these bird toys are mass produced, while not giving much thought to a bird’s intricate needs. So why not buy from the experts? From people who own birds, understand them and have developed toys to meet the unique emotional and cognitive needs of birds.  Here at  Fun Time Birdy we have developed an enormous selection of hand-crafted toys for birds.   As bird lovers and owners ourselves, we’ve developed these toys with your bird in mind. All of our products are tested on our own parrots—so we know they are “parrot-approved.” Check out our unique line of holiday themed bird toys as well as our vast selection of bird toys today. You’ll be delighted by the variety and eye-catching designs. You won’t find bird toys like this anywhere else!!

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