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Valentine’s Sale at FunTime Birdy

Valentine's Sale at FunTime Birdy

Sweethearts with Feathers

If you are in the market for some bird toys, bird perches, full spectrum lighting, a bird stand for your feathered friend or just some bird supplies……FunTime Birdy is the place to be.

Our Valentine’s Sale is going on right now and running through March 17th.

Stock up and Save now!!!!

FunTime Birdy

The Perfect Habitat for your Pet Parrot

The Perfect Habitat for your Parrot

The Perfect Habitat for your Parrot

I know with a flock of five birds Parakeet (Snowy), African Grey (Jerry), Double Yellow Head Amazon (Kiwi), Severe Macaw (Buddy) and an Umbrella Cockatoo (Marshmellow), I am always trying my best to accommodate and replicate each of their natural habitats by way of temperature, humidity and lighting but it is sometimes a hard task to do.

Click the link below (PDF File) for an article from Robyn Bright from Pet Business Magazine July 2010 issue as she speaks of the importance of temperature, humidity, and lighting  in your feathered friends life.

The Perfect Habitat for your Parrot by Robyn Bright

How do you manage your Parrot(s) environment?  I would love to hear from you?