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Freedom Bird Cage with Toby the Macaw

Palmetto Freedom CageI just love to hear from our customers…..The other day I received an email from David and Toby (his Blue and Gold Macaw).  David had wanted to purchase a bigger cage for Toby and loved the idea of the Freedom Cage with the Freedom Buffet.  Here is what David and Toby had to say…

“I just purchased a Palmetto Freedom Cage for my Blue and Gold Macaw. I had question about the size and options for the cage, and Ann really went above and beyond getting back to me with the necessary information. My order went smoothly as well, with regular updates and notes being provided by Ann every step of the way.

I’ll tell you that this much interaction, following through on things, and just generally giving awesome service is quite rare anywhere. =)

Really exemplary service!

As promised, here’s some pictures of Toby on her new cage. As you can see, the new cage is HUGE, easily twice the size of her previous cage. Lots of room.

Very happy with the cage (I really like the feeder assembly, it’s quite clever), Toby seems pleased as well. While I was setting up the new cage with new toys and accessories, she climbed over on her own and started exploring it.

I’ll certainly recommend your shop to our local bird club.”

Thanks David and Toby for your very kind remarks.  They are very much appreciated!

FunTime Birdy

Will your Parrot Break out of his Cage?

We once had a customer that told us that their Hyacinth Macaw parrot was strong enough to bend the bars on his cage.  He ate through the bars like they were nothing.   Here is a video that shows exactly this…..a Hyacinth Macaw bending the bars of his cage like they were twigs.  It is simply amazing to watch and scary to think of.

We often suggest to our customers Freedom Cages because their cages are built with this in mind.  Freedom Cages are built to withstand  this type of behavior from large Macaw parrots.  The best thing about Freedom Cages is that they all have the Freedom Buffet built into each cage.  This Stainless Steel ‘Feeding Station” is perfect for large birds who love to tear apart their food area bars and great for those birds who constantly throw their food around.  It also makes the feeding area bird proof for those times you must have someone take care of your birds for you.