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Eco Forage Boxes Foraging Bird Toy

Eco Forage Box Foraging Bird Toy

Foraging for food is very important for our domesticated birds.  In the wild, parrots will spend hours a day hunting for food.  Unfortunately, being domesticated they no longer have to work to eat since we provide them with all their meals.  This can lead to boredom.  It is so important for our feathered friends to have the experience of foraging on a daily basis.

This is why I really love these eco friendly foraging boxes.   They are so great to hide your bird(s) favorite treat inside.  I found that when I was teaching my birds to Forage these boxes were an excellent way for my birds to learn.  Now that they are more advanced at foraging they just love to tear into these wonderful boxes filled with surprise treats.

I usually put some “Lafeber Avi Cakes or Lafeber Nutri Berries” inside and I watch our feathered flock tear up the boxes.  This is a great foraging bird toy that doubles as a way to give your bird back a taste for his/her natural wild instinct to forage.  They keep our flock busy for hours.

Watch the video below to see the ‘Eco Forage Boxes” in action.

I would love to hear about your experiences with these great foraging boxes.  Please leave me a comment.