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Jerry Our African Greys New Feathers

We are so happy to announce that our African Grey Jerry has 95% of all his feathers back.

We adopted Jerry back in 2001 and he has on and off been a feather plucker.  After changing his diet last year to only vegetables and Harrison’s Pellets and Roudybush pellets his feathers made a comeback….. Plus every other night on his dinner veggie meal we sprinkle some Hemp Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds (No salt ) on top of his veggies.

Check out Jerry’s photos below in chronological order.

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Jerry1Jerry2Jerry1 Jerry2 Jerry3

African Grey Reduces Stress with Walks with Human Companion

What a wonderful story of Joey the African Grey and how she reduces her stress by taking daily walks with her companion human.  The daily walks have helped Joey to reduce her feather plucking.  Click link below to read full article.

Parrot Reduces Stress by Daily Walks with Human Companion

FunTime Birdy