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Bird Toys for African Grey Parrots

African Grey Bird Toys

FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt Bird Toy for African Grey Parrots

If your bird is in need of a little excitement in his life via his bird toys……FunTime Birdy has the answer……the FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt African Grey Bird Toy could be the answer your little “Grey” guy has been searching for.

This African Grey Bird Toy is part puzzle, part trip back in time.  The Dino Bolt contains 4 large plastic nut and bolts, 6 plastic dinosaurs and loads of supreme cotton rope.

Our African Grey “Jerry” featured in the picture above just loves to pick at the dinos and preen the cotton rope.  Jerry even hangs upside down to try to disconnect the nut and bolts.

FunTime Birdy