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Cockatiel Playgym by FunTime Birdy with Shiloh, Tiki and Sensi….and Chiku the African Grey

Meet Shiloh (Sun Conure), Tiki (Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure) and Sensei (Quaker) enjoying their new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym while their sister Chiku tries to steal the show (LOL).  Thanks to their Mom Crystal C. for the great video.

FunTime Birdy

One Week Left for Scary Savings at FunTime Birdy – Bird Toys and Parrot Playgyms on Sale

Scary Savings at FunTime Birdy

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Molly and Tony (Cockatiels) on the FunTime Birdy Playgym

Molly and Tony on the Sophomore Playgym

Molly and Tony on the Sophomore Playgym by FunTime Birdy

Meet Molly and Tony…. 2 Cockatiels all the way from Vancouver, Canada on their new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym.

Their Dad had this to say about their new Playgym.

Hi Ann,

Thank you kindly for the beautiful gym and the extra toys!

The craftsmanship is truly top notch and I am glad to have purchased something made with love, safety and quality in mind.

You are on my Bookmarks and the next time I purchase a play gym I will make sure to order some of your beautiful toys as well.

Also thanks for the personal note you wrote! Bless.

I have attached some pictures for you. As you can see the Sophomore playgym brings out the inner preener in Molly and Tony (LOL)

Thanks again!

Andrei, Tony & Molly (Cockatiels) Vancouver, Canada

FunTime Birdy Cockatiel Playgym with Sampson – Review

FunTime Birdy Playgym

Sampson - Cockatiel with new FunTime Birdy Playgym

We just love to hear from our customers and their feathered friends.

See Sampson pictured to the left on his new FunTime Birdy Cockatiel Playgym.

His Mom is ecstatic also…..she says “Hi Ann,

Sampson is a 3 and a half month old cockatiel. He loves his new play gym! When he sees it, he starts chirping right away to let us know he wants to play!

The play gym is top quality! Thank you for great service and quick shipping, too!! We will definitely shop at your store for some toys, etc. A++++ service!!!”

We are so glad that Sampson loves his new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Sun Conure Parrot Playgym Review

"Baby" on her Sophomore Playgym

"Baby" on her Sophomore Playgym

We try our best at FunTime Birdy to produce the best products for your feathered friend.  Check out what Lorna has to say:
“I cannot say enough good things about Ann and her company!!! I am a new bird owner and happened to find Fun Time Birdy while searching the net for bird trick-type toys. I placed my order and Ann called me that afternoon. I had ordered toys for big birds and I have a small conure. She helped me revise my order and it was delivered …perfectly and quickly. I then ordered a play gym…. and my conure absolutely loves it! She plays and plays until she is exhausted! Ann included free snack and toys with each order which was a really treat. But, most importantly, Ann has helped me with questions on how to raise my bird. The information I’ve received has been amazing! I didn’t know this type of customer service existed anymore!! If you haven’t ordered a play gym, you need to….it is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks Ann!”
Lorna and “Baby”, Fort Worth Texas
Thanks so much Lorna for your kind words!!!!!!!!!!!!