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New Year Sale at FunTime Birdy

Sale on Bird Toys and Parrot PlaygymsOur New Year Sale continues through January 18th…….Big Savings on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms and More!!!!!    Over 200 items on Sale!!!

Quaker Parrots as Pets

Quaker PArrot

Our Quaker Parrot "Phantom"

Quaker parrots make excellent feathered friends.  They love bird toys…..so keep plenty of these around to keep them happily entertained. They have sweet, docile personalities and bond very closely to their owner or primary caregiver.

The Quaker Personality
Quakers are social birds who get along well with other parrots. They are confident in nature, yet extremely affectionate. They have great personalities and will never cease to entertain you. Just give your feathered friend some bird toys and watch him play!! You’ll be entertained for hours. They are bright green in color with gray facial markings. As these birds become more popular, other color variations are becoming available.

Caring for a Quaker
These parrots are among the easiest to care for. Just make sure you feed a wholesome diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes.  If you do that, you’re almost guaranteed to have a happy, loyal and fun-loving Quaker parrot who loves his life.

Our Quaker parrot “Phantom” passed away in October 2011 from Cancer.  He was the most fun loving bird…..he loved to “Dance” (He would move his little feet up and down when you made clicking sounds).  Phantom was also able to play ring toss…..he played it his way though……watch video below to see him having a ball playing with his Ring Toss.

Here is our tribute video for Phantom our beloved Feathered son.

FunTime Birdy

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cockatiels/Conures and Quaker size Birds

With only 5 more shopping days left before Christmas……Don’t forget your Feathered Friend.  Yes, they have been naughty but most of the time they have been nice.(LOL).

Here are a few gift ideas:

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My Buddy Perch

Oven Fresh Bites – Small

Monkey Business Cockatiel / Quaker Bird Toy

Silly Willy Bird Toy

Shredville Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Scary Savings at FunTime Birdy

Scary Savings at FunTime Birdy

Scary Savings at FunTime Birdy

The Savings are pretty scary this month at FunTime Birdy……..Save on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Bird Perches and more.

Now through November 10th.

Check out these Customer favorite bird toys:

Bird Cubed Bird Toy for African grey/Amazon size parrots

Monkey Business Bird Toy for Cockatiel and Quaker size Birds

FunTime Birdy

What Bird Toy(s) is Best for my Bird?

What Bird Toy is Best for My Bird?

African Grey with the FunTime Birdy ShredFest

We are asked many times……what bird toy would you suggest for my bird?

I always break bird toys into categories.  Here are my suggestions…..Remember the more bird toys your feathered friend has the more occupied he/she will be and the happier they will be.

•    Chewable Bird Toys:  Toys they can chew on: Most parrots have thick beaks that they love to use.  So bird toys made out of wood and plastic are your best bet.  Here are some examples of chewable bird toys.

Tubular Pops Bird Toy for Parakeets

SuperPop Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Birdy Cubed for Amazon and African Grey Size Birds

Kaleidescope Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

•    Shreddable Bird Toys:  Toys they can shred: Birds can be destructive—and they absolutely love engaging in this behavior. It provides them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Shreddable toys are a safe way to allow your bird to indulge themselves.

Small Octopus Bird Toy by Planet Pleasures

Shredville Bird Toy

ShredFest Bird Toy

Shred Sandwich Bird Toy

•    Foraging Bird Toys:   Foraging bird toys allow you to hide food inside a toy—forcing your feathered friend to work for their dinner. Since birds are natural foragers, this type of parrot toy is a great addition to any  collection.

Barrel of Fun Bird Toy by Caitec

Hide N seek Bird Toy by Caitec

Eco Forage Packs

Creative Foraging Kits

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Silly Willy Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Silly Willy Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Silly Willy Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Let your bird take a walk on the “Silly” side with “Willy”.

Your bird will find their “Silly” and “Fun” side when they start shredding and preening “Willy’s” many fun and shreddable parts.

The Silly Willy Bird Toy is on sale this month at FunTime Birdy for only $11.99….

Check out all this month’s Sales Items ……..FunTime Birdy Sale Page

FunTime Birdy

Daddy Long Legs Bird Toy For Cockatiel/Conure Size Birds

Just in time to bring some Summer Fun to your feathered friend…….the Daddy Long Legs Bird Toy from FunTime Birdy for Cockatiel/Conure and dainty African Grey/Amazon size parrots.

Non-Stop shredding and chewing are on the menu….Watch as your feathered friend is captivated by all the various wood and shreddable items included in this tasty dish.

Check out some more of our New Arrivals at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy