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Our African Grey Parrot’s Favorite Bird Toys


Jerry our beautiful African Grey

Our African Grey Parrot named Jerry is 17 years old.  We adopted Jerry in 2001 and he was a feather plucker back then.  He still likes to pluck his feathers today (only at night)  but has cut down considerably on the plucking.

When we first adopted Jerry he was not into playing with his bird toys……Jerry was more obsessed with plucking.  It took time but Jerry finally found fun in chewing and playing with his bird toys.  At times we had to show Jerry that it was fun to play with his toys as we would play with them ourselves.  He watched in amusement “there is a human  playing with my parrot toy.  (Silly human  LOL).

Twelve years later Jerry just loves to play with his bird toys…..and it’s just not one kind of a bird toy.  Jerry loves play with wood bird toys, plastic bird toys and foraging bird toys.

Here is  Jerry’s the African Parrot’s top 3 Favorite Bird Toys:

1.  ShredFest Bird Toy:  What Jerry loves about this toy is the multiple shreddable items.   Whether it’s the vine balls, vine wreaths, the jumbo popscicle sticks or the Eco Forage Boxes…..Jerry is a happy boy when it comes to playing with this parrot toy.

2.  Surfin’ Safari Bird Toy:  Jerry has made this toy is own.  He has positioned this toy on top of another bird toy so that he can use the top of the toy as a bird perch.  He sleeps on this make shift bird perch every night.

3.  Bird Kabob Fiesta Bird Toy:  Jerry just loves the soft Yucca wood.  It is really easy for any type of parrot to chew.  This is a great toy for birds that are having a tough time adjusting to playing with bird toys.

Shredfest Bird Toy

ShredFest Bird Toy

Surfin Safari Bird Toy

Surfin Safari Bird Toy for African Grey Parrots

Bird Kabob Fiesta

Bird Kabob Fiesta Bird Toy

Tigger (African Grey), Maya (African Grey) and Kona (Macaw) Open their New Bird Toys

I want to thank Cathy B. for sending in these great pictures of her feathered friends Tigger, Maya and Kona as they open up their new box of FunTime Birdy Bird Toys.

Tigger, Maya and Kona are enjoying the FunTime Birdy FunPlastic Bird Toy and the Junior Classic Jurassic Bird Toy.

photo_4 photo_3 photo_2 photo

New Year Sale at FunTime Birdy

Sale on Bird Toys and Parrot PlaygymsOur New Year Sale continues through January 18th…….Big Savings on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms and More!!!!!    Over 200 items on Sale!!!

FunTime Birdy Best Seller Sale Continues Thru Sept 13th

Our Best Seller Sale continues through September 13th with our Best Selling Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Bird Perches, Foraging Bird Toys and more on sale with savings of 10% to 40%!!!

African Grey and Amazon Parrot Gifts for the Holidays

I can’t believe the Holidays are right around the corner and it’s a great time to pick up new bird toy(s), a basketball hoop, a Winger Skateboard  or even a new Parrot Playgym for your feathered friend(s).

Here a few great ideas for that Feathered pal of yours:

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ShredFest Bird Toy for African Grey Size Birds

Winger Skateboard by Mango

FunTime Birdy Junior Willow Tree Playgym

3 Sliding Drawers Bird Toy for Amazon Parrots

Basketball for Parrots by Mango Pet Products

FunTime Birdy

4 Tier Layer Cake Bird Toy For African Grey Size Birds Pictorial Review

4 Tier Layer Cake Bird Toy for African Grey Size Birds

Zuri, Cookie, Oakie and Belle with the 4 Tier Layer Cake Bird Toy

I just received this picture from Autumn P. of her girls (Zuri, Cookie, Oakie and Belle) enjoying their FunTime Birdy Junior 4 Tier Layer Cake and their Foot Toys.

Thanks so much Autumn for the picture of the girls having fun!!!

FunTime Birdy

Back to School Sale for Bird Supplies Continues at FunTime Birdy

Back to School Sale at FunTime Birdy

Back to School Sale at FunTime Birdy

Now through October 13th…..The FunTime Birdy Back to School Sale continues.

Save 10% to 40% and more!!!!

Checkout these on Sale items:

Great Balls of Fun Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

ShredFest Bird Toy for African Greys

Silly Willy Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Sunset Beach Parakeet and Lovebird Swing

Happy Shopping!!!!

FunTime Birdy

Three Reasons Why Bird Toys Should Hold An Important Place in Your Budget

Bird Toys

3 Reasons Bird Toys are Important

Bird toys are critical to the health and happiness of your feathered friend.  So why are bird toys such a big deal for birds? There are a number of reasons:

1.    They Keep Your Bird Happy. A bored parrot is an unhappy parrot. Birds who suffer from boredom can develop destructive behaviors such as feather plucking and incessant screaming. They may sink into a deep depression, become anti-social and withdrawn. Surely that’s not the life you want for your beloved feathered friend!!! Bird toys can magically solve the issue of boredom and depression. It will lift your bird’s spirit, making him excited about life and eager to get up each day.

Our African Grey “Jerry” we have learned recently…..loves to shred.  We now stock his cage full of shreddable bird toys.  In the past, he was very shy of new bird toys but when he first was introduced to the ShredFest Bird Toy…..it was like he found his inner “chew”.

2.    They Keep Your Bird Healthy. Bird toys provide your parrot with physical exercise and stimulation. As your bird tosses, chases, shreds and rolls his toys around his cage or parrot playgym, he is utilizing dozens of muscles in his feet, neck and wings. This helps keep him in shape, encourages circulation and prevents your bird from gaining excess weight.

Our Double Yellow Headed Amazon “Kiwi” loves to play…but sometimes gets a little lazy in his playing ways.   I find if I place Kiwi’s Hide N Seek bird toy by Caitec in different locations in his cage…..he finds it more amusing and never gets bored.

3.    They Make Your Bird More Pleasant to be Around. If your bird is depressed, sullen and unhappy, he will not be a pleasant companion. He may even become aggressive and try to bite you or other family members. Keeping your bird well-socialized and entertained is the key to a positive, healthy relationship between parrot and owner.

Our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow is a wood chewer and loves to shred.  Her favorite bird toy as of of right now is the Helicopter Bird Toy.  This bird toy is great for her because it gives her the best of both worlds…..wood to chew and plenty of shred material.

Shredville Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Located 20 miles outside of “ParrotTown” there is a non-stop party town called “Shredville“. Where the town never sleeps and the party never ends.

“What happens in Shredville…..Stays in Shredville”.  This new bird toy creation from FunTime Birdy has long lasting shredding fun for your feathered friend.

Part Foraging bird toy….part Shreddable bird toy and totally refillable.

Also, a great bird toy for “dainty” African Greys, Amazons and Eclectus parrots.

Daddy Long Legs Bird Toy For Cockatiel/Conure Size Birds

Just in time to bring some Summer Fun to your feathered friend…….the Daddy Long Legs Bird Toy from FunTime Birdy for Cockatiel/Conure and dainty African Grey/Amazon size parrots.

Non-Stop shredding and chewing are on the menu….Watch as your feathered friend is captivated by all the various wood and shreddable items included in this tasty dish.

Check out some more of our New Arrivals at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy