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Talking African Grey named Jerry

Our African Grey Jerry just loves to talk and sing.  He is always keeping us amused.  Check out his very first You Tube video below.

In this video Jerry’s favorite sayings are:

Ringing the phone
Who Farted?
Jerry…what’s your phone?
Your a good boy Jerry Zych
Happy Birthday…..Happy Bird Day
and much more!! Enjoy!!!

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Tips on Grooming your Parrot

Parrots and Grooming

Tips on Grooming your Parrot

Grooming your pet parrot can be a very daunting task.  For instance, our Cockatoo Marshmellow does not mind having her wings and nails trimmed by me.  She is a real “Girly Girl”

Our African Grey Jerry on the other hand, “flies the coop” when he knows he may get his wings trimmed and forget it if he even thinks I will touch one of his nails with a file.  Every bird has a different personality  and each one acts very differently from one another when it comes to having their wings and nails trimmed.  Do not take it personally if your bird chooses not to have his/her nails or wings trimmed by you.  Seek out your local bird store or local vet to have them done regularly if your feathered friend “flies the coop” when it comes to grooming.

Below is a link to an article by Daryl Conner which dives into more specifics on “Grooming Tips for your Bird”

Grooming Birds in Pet Age Magazine Nov 2010

Ann Zych

Parrot Drinking with Cup

This Cockatoo enjoys drinking from a cup……even though it is a tiny, little, little cup.  LOL

How Cute and Dainty is that!

FunTime Birdy

Setting up your Bird Cage

Setting up your Birds Cage

Setting up your Birds Cage

Setting up your new feathered friend’s home (birdcage) is an extremely important task. This birdcage will be your bird’s home for many years. So it’s essential that you do the best you can to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible.
When it comes to choosing the ideal birdcage for your feathered friend, size is a critical factor. Try purchasing the largest birdcage you can afford. Birds like to have plenty of space to move around and stretch their wings. Additionally, a large cage enables you to provide your parrot with plenty of bird toys and bird perches.
It is important that you select the proper bird supplies to place in your cage. This includes things like feeding dishes, a bird perch and other accessories. Ideally you should place more than one bird perch in your parrot cage. Providing your bird with a single bird perch is like having only one pair of shoes to wear. Various perches allow your parrot friend to use and exercise his feet in different ways. So look for perches of various widths and textures to put in your birdcage.
Bird toys are an absolute necessity for any bird cage. The more bird toys you provide the better. Birds need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy and occupied. Look for toys that are bright, colorful and interactive. Ideally, you should provide your pet with a new toy at least every 2 weeks. This helps prevent boredom.
No matter how large your bird cage is, your bird will want to spend some time outside of those four panels. As a result, be sure to invest in parrot playgyms or parrot stands. Parrot playgyms provide your feathered friend with a space of his own outside of his cage. You can set up a parrot stand in your living room or bedroom where your bird will feel like part of the family.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Holiday Buying Guide to Help with Gifts for your Parrot

Holiday Gifts for your Birds

Holiday Gift Guide for your Feathered Friends

Tis’ the Season for gifts……and your beloved feathered friends are on the list.  Our birds love when we give them gifts.  They get so excited!!

In order to make shopping for your feathered baby easy we put together a Holiday shopping guide to help you select the best gift for your feathered guy(s) or girl(s) this season.

We put together some of our best selling bird toys, parrot playgyms, bird supplies and  more in categories by price so it can help you narrow down that ever important gift(s) for your flock members.

Holiday Shopping Guide

If you need more help in selecting that perfect gift for your bird, give us a call at 973-316-0879 and we will gladly help you in finding that perfect something for your lovely feathered friend.

FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Birds on Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this, Too”

We are so proud of our two birds “Kiwi” and “Buddy” as they performed their bird tricks on Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this Too” this past weekend.

“Buddy” played Mango Basketball, rode on the Mango Champion Racer and played with the FunTime Birdy Ring Toss and “Kiwi” rode like the wind on the Mango Winger Skateboard and Mango Roller Skates well maybe not like the wind on the Roller Skates but you have to watch to see.

Buddy can also be seen posing on the FunTime Birdy Senior Playgym and Kiwi is striking a pose on the FunTime Birdy FunStation.

There is a short interview with me.  I can also be seen demonstrating putting the basketball in my human beak (LOL) for Buddy.  Not my best camera moment (LOL)

Check out the video clip below.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Bird Toys for the Holidays

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The Holiday season is a special time of the year and we always love giving our birdies some new holiday bird toys.  Every since Marsmellow our Umbrella Cockatoo came into our lives 18 years ago, we give all our feathered kids bird toys for the Holidays.  We love watching them get excited as they tear open their wrapped gifts.

Whether its Christmas Bird Toys or Chanukah Bird Toys or just plain bird toys for the Holiday season, we have Bird Toys that will bring a smile to any birds beak.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy