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What to Do (And What Not to Do) When Your Parrot is Bored

What to do with a Bored Parrot

What to Do for a Bored Parrot

Parrots are active, inquisitive creatures who crave mental stimulation. Often times, parrot owners fail to provide their feathered friends with the interaction they need, resulting in an extremely bored bird. When this occurs, behavioral problems may develop.

If your parrot doesn’t have any bird toys or if he/she is never given the opportunity to climb around on a parrot playgym, he/she may start to pluck their feathers, scream incessantly or become depressed and sad.

If your bird is misbehaving due to boredom, here are 3 things you should NEVER do:

1.  Scream at your bird :  Yelling at your parrot or banging on the birdcage door won’t calm your parrot down. It will only make him more agitated and could cause him to become fearful of you.

2.  Completely ignore your bird: Parrots are sociable creatures who enjoy nothing better than nestling on their parrot playgyms or bird stand next to you as you watch TV or work on the computer.   Ignoring your bird will cause him to feel angry and neglected.

3.  Put your bird in a room by himself:   Placing your parrot in a dark room by himself with absolutely no bird toys  will only serve to increase his anxiety and depression. If your bird is being too noisy, or is somehow “disrupting you,” find out what it is he needs. But never isolate your bird from the rest of the family for long periods of time.

So what SHOULD you do when your parrot is bored out of his mind and driving you crazy? Here are 3 suggestions:

1.    Take your feathered friend out of his cage daily.  No matter how many bird toys you give your parrot, he still needs to spend time outside of his birdcage.

2.    Play with your bird regularly.   Spend time each day playing and interacting with your bird.   Teach your bird a few bird tricks and just have a good time together. Parrots have an amazing capacity to bond with humans—so don’t let this opportunity slip by!

Our Severe Macaw Buddy is an adoption and was a biter when we adopted him.  By playing with him and teaching him bird tricks like birdie basketball and Ring Toss, Buddy is a new bird.  He even took part in Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this Too” where he featured his best moves.

3.    Get another bird.   Some parrots do not like to be alone. By purchasing a companion, you can provide your feathered friend with the social interaction he needs.

By making a few adjustments to your lifestyle, you can provide your bird with the attention and stimulation he needs to thrive.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Birds on Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this, Too”

We are so proud of our two birds “Kiwi” and “Buddy” as they performed their bird tricks on Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this Too” this past weekend.

“Buddy” played Mango Basketball, rode on the Mango Champion Racer and played with the FunTime Birdy Ring Toss and “Kiwi” rode like the wind on the Mango Winger Skateboard and Mango Roller Skates well maybe not like the wind on the Roller Skates but you have to watch to see.

Buddy can also be seen posing on the FunTime Birdy Senior Playgym and Kiwi is striking a pose on the FunTime Birdy FunStation.

There is a short interview with me.  I can also be seen demonstrating putting the basketball in my human beak (LOL) for Buddy.  Not my best camera moment (LOL)

Check out the video clip below.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Holiday Safety Tips for this Holiday Season

Holiday Safety Tips for your Bird

Holiday Safety Tips for your Bird

I posted this article last year at this time and I think it is worthy of a re-post.

With the holidays quickly approaching us, I wanted to write about 4 safety tips that every parrot owner should know for the holidays.

Safety Tip #1:

Be very careful of non-stick cookware and teflon.  All humans who share their homes with birds should have a non-stick (teflon) cookware free home.  However, during the holidays well meaning family members and guest(s) (who are not bird people) may bring you goodies to warm up or cook in your oven.  You may not even realize that the dish their treat was prepared in is non-stick teflon.

What can potentially happen is that you may pop their goody in the oven to cook or warm up and get involved with something else only to find that the dish has overheated and become lethal to your birds.

Safety Tip#2

Another potential safety problem for your beloved bird is your bird flying out an open door during the holidays.

As a bird lover you want to show off your bird for all your family and friends.  However, if your birds wings are not clipped or even if they are, there is the potential for your bird to fly out an open door.  Of course, this can happen at any time but it is most prone to happen during the holidays.  What happens is that your bird is out of the cage and on a playgym perch or even your shoulder so that your best friend can have a chance to enjoy all your friends and family but your baby is not used to being around all these people and strange looking packages and gifts.  Something can scare your bird and within one moment he or she can be right out the door.

The best thing to do is wait until all your guest have settled in.  Make sure your bird is far away from a room that is near a door and then let them interact with your guests.  Warn everyone ahead of time that if they need to open the door that they must give you a warning so that you can move your bird to safe place.

I can think of nothing worse then one of my birds flying out my door during a holiday or anytime for that matter.

Safety Tip #3

Well meaning guest(s) may want to feed your feathered child.  This is natural because they want to make friends with your bird (and who wouldn’t… LOL).  Non bird people do not know what can be potentially dangers to a bird.

The best way to pre-plan for this situation is to have a bowl of bird safe foods all set up near your bird so that any guest who may want to feed your baby can feed him/her with your bird approved mix of foods.  This way everyone can have a safe and fun holiday.

Safety Tip #4

This tip comes from my own experience with my Cockatoo Marshmellow.  I had some friends over with their children.  Now I must explain that their children already new Marshmellow and interacted with her before.  Their children also have Cockatiels in their home so they knew about birds.

However, during the evening Marshmellow became nervous from all the activity in the house and when my friend’s daughter reached over to pet her, Marshmellow lunged at my friend’s daughter.  No one was hurt thank goodness.  Marshmellow is a gentle giant and the only person in the world I have ever seen her bite is me. (LOL)

My concern here is that any bird even the most gentle bird(s) can get nervous or over anxious with lots of people and excitement in the house.  Be very careful when allowing friends and family to approach your bird in a holiday situation.  Read your bird’s body language carefully before allowing anyone to handle your bird.   As you know, most birds will let you know ahead of time how they are feeling.  I wish I had read Marshmellow’s body language that day.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!!!!!!!!

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Winger Skateboard by Mango Pet Products

Winger Skareboard by Mango available at FunTime Birdy

Winger Skateboard by Mango Pet Products

Check out the video below of the Mango Winger Skateboard in action.

Our Amazon “Kiwi” “loves to feel the wind in his feathers” while riding the Winger Skateboard.

Don’t forget to tune into “Your Pet Wants This Too” on Animal Planet on November 27, 2010, at 8:00 pm (EST) to see Kiwi and Buddy doing their tricks with the Mango Pet Product trick training toys as well as a short interview with me.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

“Your Pet Wants this Too” on Animal Planet

Your Pet Wants this Too

Your Pet Wants this Too on Animal Planet

Our Amazon “Kiwi” and our Severe Macaw “Buddy” are going to be featured on Animal Planet’s “Your Pet Wants this Too” on November 27th at 8:00pm EST.

“Kiwi” and “Buddy” will be playing basketball, riding a skateboard, and riding a scooter with Mango Pet Products.  We are so proud of them as this was the very first time they ever performed their tricks with large lights, large cameras and of course a larger than normal audience.

There will also be a short interview with me.   The whole flock will be gathered around the TV to watch and we will be passing around the bird treats for a job well done.(LOL)

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy