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Arabella the DYH Amazon’s New Bird Toys

During the Holidays we received these great photos of Arabella the Double Yellow Headed Amazon.  She is such a beauty!!!  I just love her beautiful eyes!!!

View her photo shoot below as she plays with her new FunTime Birdy Block and Roll Bird Toy and her FunLand Bird Toy.  I think she now may have a career in modeling (LOL)

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FunTime Birdy

Birdy Cubed Bird Toy for Amazons – New at FunTime Birdy

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We all know how smart parrots are and now they can learn Algebra…(LOL) with the new FunTime Birdy Birdy Cubed bird toy.

This new bird toy from FunTime Birdy is 4 sides of fun for your Amazon/African Grey size parrot.

Our African Grey Jerry took immediately to chewing the wood chews, plastic dinos and funland characters.  It will easily be your bird’s favorite toy in a mater of seconds.

FunTime Birdy

Bird Toy “Sheena of the Jungle” new from FunTime Birdy

Sheena of the Jungle Bird Toy

Sheena of the Jungle

Our new “Sheena of the Jungle” bird toy for Amazon Parrots and African Grey size parrots would be a great addition to your birds home.

“Bring out the Jungle” in your bird as he/she chews these wood chews in delight.  This bird toy was named after a friend’s African Grey named “Sheena”.  He told us “Sheena is a very picky bird and if she plays with this bird toy then you have a winner”……Well, “Sheena” loved it!!!!!

FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt and Eco Forage Boxes are Keeping Scarlet Busy

FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Dino Bolt

Here is an email we received from Megan of West Virginia.
Hey Ann,

Scarlet loves the toys! She took to them really quickly! She’s already torn up three or four of the little dinosaurs on one of them, and of course she’s been ripping the foraging boxes to shreds; she’s already been through three of those! I think I need to just buy a case of them! lol
Thanks again!

Megan P and Scarlet

2 Days Left to FunTime Birdy’s Biggest Bird Toy Sale of the Year

Bird Toy Sale at FunTime Birdy

Biggest Bird Toy Sale of the Year

There are only 2 days left to FunTime Birdy’s Biggest Bird Toy Sale of the Year.  Save 10% to 40%!!!!!

Big Savings on:

Parakeet / Lovebird Bird Toys

Cockatiel / Conure Bird Toys

African Grey / Amazon Parrot Bird Toys

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