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Our African Grey Jerry Intrigued by Human Scale

Our African Grey “Jerry’s” latest new thing is to walk into the bathroom in his bedroom and weigh himself on our human scale. I just had to take of picture of him on the human scale.

I can’t figure out whether……..Jerry is weighing himself because he wants to bulk up or slim down for a lady bird? (LOL)

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

Jerry for Facebook

Happy 17th Birthday Jerry – Our African Grey

Today is our African Grey Jerry’s 17th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Jerry!!!

Last weekend we had a special Happy Birthday (Hatchday) Party and Jerry received his Happy Birthday gift.  Check out his pictures below.

Ann –  FunTime Birdy

Jerry b'day FB1 Jerry b'day FB2 Jerry b'day FB3 Jerry b'day FB4

Fred the African Grey on his Winger Skateboard

FRED SKATEBOARD2  x 500This 26 year old African Grey named Fred has just learned to ride his Winger Skateboard.

Watch video below as he takes a “Sweet Ride” outside.  Yeah!!! Go Fred!!! Thanks to Fred’s Mom Naomi for the great video.

Ann – FunTime Birdy

African Grey Reduces Stress with Walks with Human Companion

What a wonderful story of Joey the African Grey and how she reduces her stress by taking daily walks with her companion human.  The daily walks have helped Joey to reduce her feather plucking.  Click link below to read full article.

Parrot Reduces Stress by Daily Walks with Human Companion

FunTime Birdy

Walter the African Grey and his New FunTime Birdy Parrot Playgym

Walter the African Grey on his FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym

I just received this picture of Walter the African Grey on his new FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym. Here is what his Mom “Lisa” had to say:

Walter and I like it very much as a matter of fact I was just looking at your web site to order a second one for him to play on in my office at home so he doesn’t have to just play on the top of his cage. I am sending you a picture of him and his new gym.

Thanks again so much

Lisa and Walter

FunTime Birdy

Hot Wings from the Movie “Rio”

I just love this scene from the movie “Rio” with the song called “Hot Wings”.  Our African Grey “Jerry” loves the song so much he started to sing it also.

FunTime Birdy