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Parrots Have Personal Preferences in Music

african greyAs published on Medical Daily
By Christine Hsu

Parrots, known for their uncanny ability to mimic sounds, also have personal musical tastes. Some prefer the classical works of Mozart and Beethoven, while other prefer the musical styling of trendy pop stars like Justin Bieber or Madonna. However, scientists found that while individual parrots may have different preferences in music, all psittacine birds seem to absolutely despise dance music.

Scientists studied the listening preferences of two African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus), a popular pet bird species, and found that while one parrot preferred soothing “middle of the road” music, the other bird liked more upbeat trendy pop music, according to The Telegraph.

Both parrots liked to listen to rock and folk music and “danced” to the tunes by bobbing their heads and legs. Apparently, the birds enjoyed these genres to such an extent that they even “sang along” by squawking.

However, neither of the birds appreciated electronic dance music, and listening to the genre left both parrots visibly distressed.

“The birds clearly showed preferences. One preferred the rhythmic and one preferred the classical,” said Dr. Franck Péron of the University of Lincoln, according to The Telegraph.

“There is no trend for the birds. Even if they are in the same place hearing the same things, they do not prefer the same music,” he explained.

Initially, researchers had three parrots in the study, Leo, Shango and Zoé, listen to a series of “rhythmic” songs by artists like U2, UB40 and Joan Baez. Researchers said that all of the birds appeared to enjoy the music and were all observed dancing and singing along, and making animated calls and human words.

When researchers played the birds Bach compositions, the birds appeared to relax by resting and preening themselves.

In a second experiment, the two male parrots, Léo and Shango, were left in a cage with a touch-screen monitor with two large buttons. The birds could press the buttons with their beaks, which would activate a 15-second sound clip of two different songs: either I Don’t Feel like Dancing, by the pop group Scissor Sisters, or the more calming La Petite Fille de la Mer by Vangelis.

Researchers left the touch screens in the birds’ cages for a month, and the parrots were allowed to select the music whenever they wanted. In the end, researchers found that while both parrots liked to listen to both songs, Leo clearly preferred listening to “Scissor Sisters” and Shango mostly chose to listen to “Vangelis”.

Researchers said that between the two, the songs were played more than 1,400 times during the month.

The study found that the birds’ dislike for Dance music by artists like Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers was not discovered until the test conditions. The study accidentally found while researchers were casually listening to their own music within earshot of the birds, the parrots started to scream in a “distressed, scared way”.

“The electronic dance music was not appropriate for them. We had the radio on in the office and when it was a very fast beat, they started to scream; not in a friendly, communicative way but in a distressed, scared way. They seem to like pop music when there is a voice,” Peron explained.

Researchers said that latest findings, soon to be published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Sciences, are useful for people who have parrots as pets. They said pet owner could use touch-screen technology to provide their own “jukeboxes” for the enjoyment of their pet parrots.

What’s your Parrots favorite music?  Leave a comment below……Thanks Ann www.funtimebirdy.com

A Family of African Grey Parrots

What an adorable picture!!!!

The babies even have there very own baby bird toys.

Ann – FunTime Birdy

Life with Alex the African Grey Movie Trailer

Here is the first look at the movie documentary “Life with Alex” the African Grey parrot (due to be released in September)…..He was such an amazing bird!!!!

Alex and Dr. Irene Pepperberg were so bonded.

We miss you Alex!!!!

FunTime Birdy

Playing with your African Grey

African Grey Parrot Jerry

Jerry the African Grey

Our African Grey “Jerry” is a real character.  He loves to talk, laugh and sing.  He is a rescue so he comes with many personality traits……that are all “Jerry”.

He is afraid of the dark…..sometimes.  He doesn’t like new bird toys…….only sometimes.  You can see he really has some habits that are unpredictable.  He’ll like something one day and not the next.

He’ll play with his favorite bird toy “the Surfin Safari” non stop day after day for weeks than won’t play with it for months.   He is like that….and that is OK because that is “Jerry”.

When we introduce a new bird toy to “Jerry” we always show him how to play with the toy…..like “you see “Jerry” you can chew on this piece of wood then you chew on this piece of plastic and don’t forget the vine balls down here”.  He finds this amusing but ignores us anyway.

Playing with your African Grey is a great way to bond with your feathered friend.  They love the one on one time and all the attention.  Try to play with your African Grey or any of your feathered friends everyday this will pay big dividends as they will become self sufficient and well adjusted companion birds in the end.

Here is an article from Sally Blanchard from Bird Channel.com entitled “5 Ways to Play with your African Grey”.   These are great tips not only for African Grey bird owners but for any bird owner of any kind.


These Birds Crack me Up

I never get tired of this commercial from Windex.  These 2 crows are always so entertaining.  They remind me of my African Grey Jerry who loves to laugh and play jokes.

FunTime Birdy

Lola the Missing African Grey is Found

Welcome Back Lola

Lola is Back

“Lola” the missing African Grey Parrot that went missing for 24 days was found after her owner placed Billboards, 400 fliers, and even hired pet psychics and two bloodhounds to find her beloved “Lola”.   Lola’s days in the wild are over as she is in her home sweet home.

Read the full article below:

Lola, the Missing African Grey

This story has such a wonderful happy ending.  Tears came to my eyes.  Do you have any happy ending lost bird stories?  I would love to hear them.


Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg (Podcast)

Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg

Alex and Me by Irene Pepperberg

This is a podcast with Irene Pepperberg as she talks about her book “Alex and Me” which is about her adventures with “Alex” the magnificent African Grey.

Alex was a one of a kind African Grey parrot who for 30 years defied science with his magnificent “Human” like skills.

He was able to change the perception of non-bird people to one of belief that birds are extremely intelligent, as any bird owner already knows.

I remember when I heard that Alex passed away.  I was so sad.  He was truly an amazing bird.

Listen to Irene Pepperberg’s Podcast

I would love to hear your stories on how “Alex” changed your life and perception of birds.