Mischief the Ravens Talks – WOW!!!

I just could not believe this video when I first saw it.  “Mischief” the Raven can talk and in two different voices…..Unbelievable!!!

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

3 responses to “Mischief the Ravens Talks – WOW!!!

  1. My CAG mostly uses my voice intonations, but has taken up my husband’s lately – either way, there’s she still speaks with a distinctive southern twang!

  2. Sorry for the terrible grammar – typing on an iPad is still quirky!

  3. Hi Jane,

    Our Grey “Jerry” speaks with my voice, my husband’s voice and a voice of his own. So cool. He loves to trick us into thinking that we are calling each other when in fact it is Jerry imitating one of us. (LOL)


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