Easter Safety Tips for Parrots

easter-parrot-2011Easter marks the arrival of spring & sunshine. For many people this is a joyous time of year and a real cause to celebrate. When planning your festivities, don’t forget to consider the safety and comfort of your parrots. If you plan on having a large family gathering, consider your bird’s needs during this time.
If you have a shy, timid parrot who dislikes noise, you may want to place his cage in a quiet bedroom. Provide him with plenty of parrot toys to keep him content. If your bird is more social, you may want to include him in the activities. However, keep an eye out for signs that your bird is becoming stressed and overstimulated. If this happens, give him a rest period away from all the activity.

When it comes to Easter festivities and decorations, here are a few dangers you should be aware of:

Look out for those spring flowers!! As beautiful and cheery as they are, many flowers pose a threat to your bird. Lilies and daffodils are especially toxic to parrots. Be sure to keep these plants out of your bird’s reach—or completely out of your house.

Beware of that colorful plastic stuff!  Bright, colorful Easter grass can be a real attention-grabber for parrots. However, if consumed, it can cause intestinal blockage.

Keep track of the sweets. Easter candy is loaded with chocolate, sugar, dyes and artificial sweeteners—all of which pose a risk to your parrot’s health. If you want to give your bird a treat for the holiday, purchase fresh fruit and make a delectable fruit bowl your parrot will savor.

Monitor that tasty dinner. While you may be able to share many components of your meal with your parrot, there are a few dangers to be aware of. Be sure your bird does not eat any chicken or turkey bones off a plate.  If you are serving alcohol—keep it out of your parrot’s reach. It can be fatal to their health. Feel free to share steamed vegetables with your parrot.

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