Wild Turkey Vultures

What an awesome bird……..Thanks to Helana C. for the great pictures.  (Click on picture to view in Slideshow)

FunTime Birdy

4 responses to “Wild Turkey Vultures

  1. Gah! I love Turkey Vultures!
    How ironic that today I pulled off the road to watch about 20 or so TV’s “waiting” for something in the forest to finally keel over.
    Yes they are a bit creepy in their ways, but truly they are quite interesting & impressive in both size & unique characteristics.
    This Sharon Montrose photograph print of a vulture is on my Santa wish-list: http://www.theanimalprintshop.com/vulture-no.-2/

  2. Hi Jane,

    What I thought was so rare is the he or she was white. I am used to seeing brown Turkey Vultures but I have never ever seen I white one. Truly unique!!


  3. The white ones are called Leucistic Turkey Vultures. A lot of folks think they are albino, but they aren’t. When I lived in Texas – the white one’s were quite plentiful. Must be a geographic thing I would guess.
    I keep telling my avian vet the next Turkey Buzzard that comes through his office he is under obligation to call me so I can come down & sneak a peek & pet it.
    Oh forgot to thank Helena C. for the great photo’s! Truly made my day!

  4. Hi Jane,

    I did not know that…..I have never seen one in NJ.


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