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African Grey Reduces Stress with Walks with Human Companion

What a wonderful story of Joey the African Grey and how she reduces her stress by taking daily walks with her companion human.  The daily walks have helped Joey to reduce her feather plucking.  Click link below to read full article.

Parrot Reduces Stress by Daily Walks with Human Companion

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Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy

Our Thanksgiving Sale has begun… runs thru November 29th.  Check out all our Sale items…….Over 200 items on Sale!!!!

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Playgyms on Sale

Medical Emergency Tips for your Parrot

Medical emergencies happen at the worst of times……in the case of your feathered friend knowing what to do when he/she is bleeding due to a toenail getting cut or even when a blood feather gets damaged….time  is the up most of importance.

Below is a link to an article by Robyn Bright of Pet Business Magazine on what to help your feathered friend in the case of a medical emergency.

In Case of Emergency Article by Robyn Bright of Pet Business

Ann Zych
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Captain Flint the Amazon Parrot Sings “Yo Ho – A Pirate’s Life”

I just love this Amazon parrot named Captain Flint…..He sings  “Yo Ho – A Pirate’s Life”.  Enjoy!!!

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Picabo the Umbrella Cockatoo and his Snuggle Fish Bird Toy

We just love when we receive pictures from our customers with their birds loving their FunTime Birdy Bird Toys…….here is what Picabo the Umbrella Cockatoo had to say about his new Snuggle Fish Bird Toy:

I just LOVE my snuggle toy. It’s the only toy that I haven’t completely destroyed in minutes.  I’ve had it for six months and take good care of it. I love to snuggle next to it on my hanging perch and take a nap or remove the plastic puffy letters from the ropes.  My dad puts the puffy letters back on the rope for me and then I take them off again. It is my favorite toy and the best one I’ve ever had!

Get one today for your large parrot!

Picabo, Umbrella Cockatoo

I am so happy that Picabo is enjoying his Snuggle Fish Toy so much!!!!!

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Parakeet Picture…This Human comes with Handle….LOL

Being a Bird owner you know that this picture occurs way too many times……It is amazing how much our feathered children just love our jewelry.

FunTime Birdy