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Halloween Sale at FunTime Birdy

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2 Macaw Parrots – What’s the Password Picture

What a great picture of 2 Blue and Gold Macaws in the wild……..My caption for this adorable pic is…….”Password please!!!…..No admittance without the Password”

What would your caption be?

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

3 Days Left For FunTime Birdy’s Fall inot Savings Sale

Only 3 days left to take advantage of our “Fall into Savings Sale” at FunTime Birdy.

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5 Signs your Parrot may be Sick

Companion parrots are good at hiding any illnesses that they may have so this makes it difficult to know when they are sick until it is too late.

Here are some signs you should look for if you suspect there is something wrong with your feathered friend.

1.  Decreased appetite – Be aware of your feathered friend’s normal eating habits and watch to see if anything has changed.

2.  Lethargy/weakness – I have noticed that my flock likes to take a nap after eating their veggies.  If you notice that your feathered baby is taking more than just their normal nap…then it may be cause for concern.

3.  Difficulty or increased rate of breathing.  Parrots tend to breathe faster than humans especially when frightened by something.  However, if you notice that your feathered friend is breathing differently and they do not look frightened then it could signal a problem.

4.  Repeated episodes of regurgitation or vomiting.  – A lot of my flock members regurgitate to me as a sign of affection (I always try to discourage this behavior).  However if your feathered friend is vomiting or regurgitating too much a vet check is in order.

5.  A change in the appearance or frequency of its droppings. – I am always aware of how each one of my flocks droppings look.  Depending on what they have eaten.  Be aware of what you have fed your feathered friend and if nothing in their diet has changed but their droppings have then this could be a sign of a problem.

Be observant.  The most important advice I can give is become aware of your feathered friends normal behaviors this way if there is any change you will be aware of this change immediately and can seek help if necessary.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Two Ringneck Parrots – Talk to the Foot Picture

What a cute picture!!!!

My funny caption for this picture would be “Talk to the Foot (or in this case Talon)” (LOL)

Ann – FunTime Birdy

A Family of African Grey Parrots

What an adorable picture!!!!

The babies even have there very own baby bird toys.

Ann – FunTime Birdy

Tips on Getting your Parrot To Talk

One of the great things about parrots is that they can talk or imitate human voice and sounds.  No other animal can do that.

The only thing is that not every bird will talk…….sometimes it takes time for them to realize that they can talk.  Here are some tips on getting your feathered friend to talk.

  1. Make it Fun – Say something short……like “Good Morning” or “Bye Bye”.  It is best to use your target word in your daily routines about the house.  When you wake your feathered friend in the morning……say “Good Morning” in an animated voice.  Do it every day…..repitition is the key.
  2. Be the Flock Leader – Parrots are flock animals and they always want to join the group.  As the Flock Leader…….keep your bird interested in daily conversations with the other human beings in the home, play music, watch TV and gab away with your bird like they are human.
  3. Be Consistent – Consistency pays off when training parrots.  Keep up with the same phrases, TV shows, music etc.
  4. Expectations – Not all birds will talk and that is OK, we love all our feathered friends because of their companionship and not because they talk.  Some birds take a long time to get the knack of talking or even making sounds.  (Below is a video of our African Grey Jerry Talking……he is quite the talker)

FunTime Birdy

Moluccan Cockatoo Overture

This Moluccan Cockatoo is learning to play the keyboard…….Our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow would love to try her hand……or should I say her beak (LOL) at the keyboard.

FunTime Birdy