Oh What a Pretty Macaw Parrot

Favorite Feathered Photos

Beautiful Macaw

This is such a great picture of a truly amazing Macaw.

Oh so pretty…… Oh, yes you are!!!

FunTime Birdy


4 responses to “Oh What a Pretty Macaw Parrot

  1. yesletsperformanceacademy

    Yes she is certainly a pretty bird! They are such beautiful creatures:)

    • Hi,

      I think he or she knows that they are a pretty birdie……you can just tell by the look in their face. I think every bird is beautiful in their own special way!!!!

      • yesletsperformanceacademy

        Yes they are. Ricky my white face cockatiel passed away not long ago. He was certainly a beautiful bird. So smart and full of personality too!I love him so much:)

  2. We lost our Quaker Phantom October 6th 2010…….He was so special. You could tell that all our other birds were lost without Phantom also.

    I am so sorry to hear about Ricky. Birds just touch our hearts in such a special way………Only a bird person can understand that.

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