Buddy Our Severe Macaw’s 12th Birthday Party

Our Severe Macaw Buddy just turned 12 years old on Sunday August 19th.  Check out his birthday photos, and his new bird day toy.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful feathered Son!!!!

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FunTime Birdy


5 responses to “Buddy Our Severe Macaw’s 12th Birthday Party

  1. Awww, how adorable is Buddy! Happy Birthday to the almost a teenager!
    So what’s in his little birthday bowl with the candle?

  2. Hi Jane,

    Buddy says “Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!!” We made him a cake in the bowl consisting of Cream of Wheat made with water. Of course, Buddy shared his cake with all his brothers and and sisters.


  3. Cream of wheat! I never knew that was an option…I’m so gonna make a little batch of that for my birds! The neat stuff you learn from bird folks!

  4. Hi Jane,
    We asked the vet just to make sure and he said it was fine but we only use water to mix it…….no milk or cream……We save the milk for the humans (LOL)

  5. I think that’s a fabulous idea!

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