Coping with the Loss of a Parrot

Losing a feathered companion can be an extremely emotional experience. It can be hard to cope and difficult to move on with your life. If you’ve become deeply attached to your feathered friend, having to say goodbye can be devastating. We all grieve in our own way. But here are a few tips to help you process your loss:

  1. Give Yourself Permission to Grieve. Friends and family members may tell you that losing a parrot is not a big deal—after all it was “just a bird.” These types of responses can cause you to internalize your grief, or even deny it. But this type of reaction is not healthy. In order to heal and overcome your loss, you must allow yourself time to grieve. Realize that it’s okay to cry or mourn for your parrot. In the beginning, small things may trigger a wave of grief. You may be cleaning house and stumble across your feathered friends favorite bird toy.  These items can cause a flood of memories to sweep over you. Allow yourself time to grieve. It’s important. Don’t stuff away your feelings.
  1. Express Your Thoughts and Feelings. For some people, it may be helpful to express their feelings of grief using words or art. You may want to draw pictures of your bird, or write a poem about him. It may be helpful to find someone to talk to. Select a person who is a good listener and will be empathetic to how you feel. If possible, try finding someone who has lost a parrot themselves and knows what you are going through. You can also look for a pet loss counselor who is in expert in this area.
  1. Memorialize Your Parrot. Oftentimes, one of the greatest ways we can overcome our grief is to create a memorial or tribute to our feathered friend’s life. You may want to design a scrapbook of your parrot. Include funny photos, a few feathers or pictures of his favorite bird toys. You could designate a small shelf or corner in your house to store your parrot’s favorite things.   You could also create a tombstone or music video as a tribute to your beloved bird.

When the time is right, you may be ready to get another parrot. This doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten your former friend, but it can help you move on and share your love with another bird that needs a loving home.

We lost one of our feathered friend named Phantom back in October 2011……he was a Quaker parrot.  His memory lives in our hearts forever.  We made a special photo album that we proudly display in our living room.  We also made a tribute video for him……he was so loved and is so missed.  His tribute video is below.

FunTime Birdy


4 responses to “Coping with the Loss of a Parrot

  1. We just lost our little Quaker boy too and love you advise but I can not even watch your video thinking of my little one. I can see how much you loved him too,
    Never gone from our hearts flying in heaven!

    • Hi Lizz,

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss!!!

      I know it is so hard. While we were grieving I just felt like I had to do something even though there was nothing I could do. I just couldn’t stand sitting there so I felt like if I made a photo album and made a tribute video I could honor him. It was so hard to do but I felt better while I was doing it. Lots and lots of tears.

      I still feel his loss……he was my baby boy. You are right…..they are never gone from our hearts.

      Thanks so much for sharing with me!!!!


  2. Just a week ago, my family and I lost our little parakeet, Yahtzee. He was so much more than just a pet- he was a part of our family. He brought us all so much joy. He was always making us laugh and was always such a happy little bird, until he became very ill. He was only 6 years old, and it breaks my heart that he was so young when he passed. My brother and I were there with him in his last moments. He will be missed more than words can say. Thank you for sharing some of your tips for coping. It’s nice to know that there are so many out there who understand that these pets are NOT “just birds”, but our friends. Yahtzee will live on in our memories forever. I miss him everyday. ❤

    • Hi Lauren,

      I am so, so sorry to hear about your loss of Yahtzee. We lost our Parakeet Olive in 2004. She was an extremely unique Parakeet and we were very bonded with her. She used to run up and down the counter in my bathroom when I was washing my face. When I was done she would jump into the palm of my cupped hands and take a bath. I certainly know how you and your brother and your whole family are feeling. I know how devastating it is to be there in the last moments. I was there with Olive when she passed. However, with Phantom it was a shock the next morning.

      Like I mentioned in the post, it really helped both my husband and I to make the photo albums and to make the videos. I have a photo album of Olive also. Both Phantom and Olive’s photo albums are proudly displayed in our entertainment unit along with a their pictures in a frame. It really helped my grieving process to feel like I was doing something to honor them.

      Don’t let people who are not bird lovers take away from your grief…try to engage with bird lovers as we really do understand how it feels to lose a best friend and a family member.

      Again I am so sorry!!!!!


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