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FunTime Birdy Freshman Playgym with Frankie the Parakeet

Frankie the Parakeet

Frankie the Parakeet

We just love to hear from our customers and their feathered friends.  Diana S. sent in this beautiful photo of “Frankie” her baby Parakeet enjoying his new FunTime Birdy Freshman Playgym.

Here is what Frankie and Frankie’s Mom had to say:

Hi Ann!

I wanted to send you this picture of Frankie on his playgym. He was a little scared of it at first, but once I hung some millet on it he started jumping right on. Any place millet is is a good place for birdies to be. Here is what Frankie had to say about his new gym:

Hi Ann…it’s Frankie.

Mom finally got me to play on my new playgym, and now I love it. Everything here used to be new and scary, but now I’m much braver and like exploring things outside my cage. This playgym is AWESOME!!!

It took me a while to realize the hangy-down things were toys, but I shook one and it had a bell on it! I love bells!!! I love to chew on the wood blocks and the plastic toys. I can jump from perch to perch (so many perches to choose). When I shake the toys or climb on them the bells make the most beautiful sound.

Thank you for making such fun toys for us budgies

Diana and Frankie (Parakeet) – California

Thanks Diana and Frankie……Frankie you are such a cutie!!!!! I am so happy you are enjoying your playgym

FunTime Birdy

Introducing a Second Bird To Your Home

As a parrot owner, your bird is the love of your life. It is only natural to want to add an additional parrot to your flock. Before doing so, you will want to consider a few things including:

  • The Time: Parrots are a lot of work. They all require feeding, medical care, and lots of one on one playtime with their owners. If you love being with your parrots and have the time to care for another –go for it!!
  • The Expense: Make sure you are financially able to take on the expense of another bird. This includes food, bird toys, bird cagesbird stands and medical expenses.
  • The Mess: Yes, parrots are messy!! And two birds are twice the mess. This issue may be of no concern to you whatsoever—but just remember to consider everything before diving in!

If you’ve done your evaluation and determined you are ready for another feathered family member, here are some tips for introducing a new parrot:

  • As crazy as this may sound don’t forget to tell your current feathered baby that you may be bringing home a new flock member much the same as you would tell a child that they will be having a new brother or a sister.  Birds really do understand these concepts and they will feel less resentful if they are included in your decision.
  • Always quarantine the new bird. You should keep your new bird separate from your other parrots for at least 30 days.  This ensures that he is not carrying some type of illness or disease that could infect your currently healthy parrots. Your new bird should be kept in a separate room or building.  Make sure to wash your hands between handling birds. Do not share bird toys, bird perches or other bird supplies.
  • Take it slow. When it is time to get acquainted, start by letting your birds look at each other from the comfort of their own cages.
  • Introduce your parrots in a neutral spot. Never place the new bird inside your current parrot’s cage. Your parrot may lash out in a fit of aggression, believing your new parrot to be an intruder. Instead, introduce your birds in the living room or on a covered patio. Watch carefully for any signs of aggression. Remember—not all parrots get along. Some of the larger breeds may require more time to get use to a new flock member.

Over time and with patience, most parrots can live happily with one another. Just remember to love each of your birds the same—this will help them feel emotionally secure about accepting another parrot into their home.

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Rosie the Rose Breasted Cockatoo Getting Ready for Olympics

This Rose Breasted Cockatoo named Rosie is so funny as she exercises on her chain on her playgym.  She looks like an Olympian gymnast……and the Judges score is 10!!!!  Enjoy!!!

FunTime Birdy

Cockatiel Tulip Whistles to his Bird Friend Cloud

I just love this video of Tulip the Cockatiel whistling to his Cockatiel friend named Cloud.  At one point Tulip seems disappointed that Cloud is not interested. (LOL)

FunTime Birdy

Coping with the Loss of a Parrot

Losing a feathered companion can be an extremely emotional experience. It can be hard to cope and difficult to move on with your life. If you’ve become deeply attached to your feathered friend, having to say goodbye can be devastating. We all grieve in our own way. But here are a few tips to help you process your loss:

  1. Give Yourself Permission to Grieve. Friends and family members may tell you that losing a parrot is not a big deal—after all it was “just a bird.” These types of responses can cause you to internalize your grief, or even deny it. But this type of reaction is not healthy. In order to heal and overcome your loss, you must allow yourself time to grieve. Realize that it’s okay to cry or mourn for your parrot. In the beginning, small things may trigger a wave of grief. You may be cleaning house and stumble across your feathered friends favorite bird toy.  These items can cause a flood of memories to sweep over you. Allow yourself time to grieve. It’s important. Don’t stuff away your feelings.
  1. Express Your Thoughts and Feelings. For some people, it may be helpful to express their feelings of grief using words or art. You may want to draw pictures of your bird, or write a poem about him. It may be helpful to find someone to talk to. Select a person who is a good listener and will be empathetic to how you feel. If possible, try finding someone who has lost a parrot themselves and knows what you are going through. You can also look for a pet loss counselor who is in expert in this area.
  1. Memorialize Your Parrot. Oftentimes, one of the greatest ways we can overcome our grief is to create a memorial or tribute to our feathered friend’s life. You may want to design a scrapbook of your parrot. Include funny photos, a few feathers or pictures of his favorite bird toys. You could designate a small shelf or corner in your house to store your parrot’s favorite things.   You could also create a tombstone or music video as a tribute to your beloved bird.

When the time is right, you may be ready to get another parrot. This doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten your former friend, but it can help you move on and share your love with another bird that needs a loving home.

We lost one of our feathered friend named Phantom back in October 2011……he was a Quaker parrot.  His memory lives in our hearts forever.  We made a special photo album that we proudly display in our living room.  We also made a tribute video for him……he was so loved and is so missed.  His tribute video is below.

FunTime Birdy

Almost Summer Sale on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms at FunTime Birdy

Our Almost Summer Sale on Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms and More has begun.

Check out the links below for these great items on Sale……Save 10% to 40%……Over 200 items on Sale

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Cockatiel/Conure Playgym

Barrel of Fun Foraging Bird Toy

FunTime Birdy

Polo the Laughing Macaw

This Macaw named “Polo” really knows how to get the laughter going.  Our African Grey “Jerry” does the same thing.  Once Jerry starts laughing…..we laugh…..he laughs….the rest of our flock laughs…’s infectious.

FunTime Birdy

Walter the African Grey and his New FunTime Birdy Parrot Playgym

Walter the African Grey on his FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym

I just received this picture of Walter the African Grey on his new FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym. Here is what his Mom “Lisa” had to say:

Walter and I like it very much as a matter of fact I was just looking at your web site to order a second one for him to play on in my office at home so he doesn’t have to just play on the top of his cage. I am sending you a picture of him and his new gym.

Thanks again so much

Lisa and Walter

FunTime Birdy

Hyacinth Macaws in the Wild

The Hyacinth Macaw is one of the largest Macaw species.  These “gentle giants” of the parrot world are 3 feet in length and can weigh over 3 pounds.  Check them out in the video below in their native habitat.  They are just so majestic!!!!

FunTime Birdy