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Jose the Talking Quaker Parrot

This little Quaker Parrot is an amazing talker.  I just love when he says “I am an eagle” and his wings go up.  He reminds me so much of our little Quaker Phantom who passed away in October of 2011.

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Bird Tricks – Swizzle Sticks and Bird Skates Back in Stock

Great news!!!………..Our Swizzle Stick Bird Trick for Amazon to Macaw Parrots is back in stock.  It is my Severe Macaw Buddy’s favorite trick to do.  Check out the video below as he demonstrates the art of the “Swizzle”.

Also back in stock are the Roller Skates from Bell Plastics.  We have the Roller Skates for Amazons and African Greys and the larger Roller Skates for Cockatoo and Macaw size birds.  These are great for that bird that wants some excitement and fun in their life.

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Keeping Your Feathered Friend Safe from Deadly Items in your Kitchen

Hidden Hazards in the Kitchen for your BirdBeing a bird owner for more than 30 years, knowledge of deadly items in your kitchen was never readily available many years ago.

With more and more information available nowadays via the internet, bird owners can now be more informed of these potential hazards which can be deadly to your feathered friend.

Click the link below to an article from Bird Channel on “Keeping your Feathered Friend Safe from Deadly Items in your Kitchen”

Bird Channel Article on Keeping your Feathered Friend Safe from hazardous materials in your kitchen

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12 Things you Should Never Do With Your Parrots, Part II

12 Things you should not do with your ParrotContinuing our list of tips of what not to do with your parrot…

7.  Never place a large and small parrot in the same cage unless you are sure they get along. Some parrots can be extremely territorial and aggressive. If you have a parrot who is accustomed to being the only bird in his home (cage), and one day you place another bird in his cage besides him, he can become hostile to the new bird.

8.  Never feed your parrot chocolate. Some foods simply aren’t healthy for your birds. Others are downright dangerous. Even in small portions, chocolate can be deadly to parrots. As a result, whenever you are hosting a party at your house, make sure there is no chocolate within your birds reach. Of course, you will also want to inform your guests not to feed your bird anything without your permission.

9.  Never isolate your parrot from the family. Because parrots are flock animals and need the companionship of others, isolation can cause serious mental and physical issues. Birds that are kept in a cage and have little or no interaction with their owners become depressed and sullen. They may refuse to eat or play with their parrot toys.  Some birds may resort to feather plucking, screaming or aggression. In order to have an emotionally healthy bird, provide them with plenty of family time!  You can let you bird hang out with the family on their Parrot Playgym while everyone watches TV or plays games.

10. Never leave another pet alone around your parrot’s cage. Even if your Yellow Lab is the most docile dog in the world, do not leave him around your parrot’s cage unattended. Cats and other pets should also be kept away from your parrot’s cage. Remember both dogs and cats are hunters by nature and birds are animals of prey—seeing your parrot flutter around his cage may be too great of a temptation for your four-legged family member. Even if they only want to play, they could accidently harm your bird by pouncing on the cage.

11. Never feed a seed-only diet. Parrots love seeds. However, that is not the only thing you should serve them. Seeds are high in fat and in large quantities can cause your parrot to gain unnecessary weight. Even if your bird exercises vigorously playing with his bird toys, you should restrict the amount of nuts and seeds you provide.

12. Never adopt a parrot without knowing what you’re getting into. A parrot should never be an impulse purchase. These birds require extensive care, a stable home and an owner who will love them their entire life. You need to be ready to make this commitment before purchasing or adopting a parrot.

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Bird Toys on Sale – It’s March Madness at FunTime Birdy

Bird Toys on Sale - March MadnessMarch Madness is here at FunTime Birdy.

The Sales are crazy (LOL)……save up to 50% on bird toys, parrot gyms and more.

Check out these on Sale Items:

Birdy Cubed Bird Toy for African Greys and Amazons

Starship Trooper Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

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Parrotlet Joey Wants his Broccoli – So Cute

This little Parrotlet named “Joey” is so so cute.  He wants his broccoli.  Awwwwwwww!!  I love his cute little voice.

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12 Things you Should Never Do With Your Parrots, Part I

12 Things Not to do with your Parrot, Part 1Whether you’ve been a parrot owner for 20 years or just 20 days, here are a few helpful reminders that will assist you in preserving your feathered friends health and longevity:

1.  Never spray hairspray around your bird. Your parrot may be sitting next to you on his parrot playstand, watching you go about your daily routine, when you decide to fix your hair. At this point—STOP! You should never spray hairspray or perfume around your parrot. The fumes could cause respiratory distress or even death.

2.  Never light candles around your bird. Scented candles can make a home or bedroom smell fresh and beautiful—at least to us humans. However, when it comes to parrots, it’s a whole other story. The scent radiating from a burning candle can be toxic to your bird.

3.  Never leave your parrot in his cage 24-7. If you have a crazy, hectic schedule, there may be times when you are tempted to say “I simply don’t have any time to spend with my bird today.” Unfortunately this excuse can spiral out of control, causing some people to leave their parrots stuck in a cage for weeks on end. Even if your bird cage is loaded with bird toys, your parrot needs daily exercise and a change in pace. To make time for your bird, get up a half hour early or just let your bird follow you around the house as you go about your chores.

4.  Never yell at your parrot. This can teach your parrot that screaming is acceptable. If your parrot gets in the habit of screaming it will not only annoy you but it may also cause problems with the neighbors. Yelling can traumatize your birds causing them to become timid, aggressive or withdrawn.

5.  Never let your Parrot outside without being contained (he could fly away). Fresh air is healthy for parrots. However, don’t make the mistake of “letting your parrot explore” by himself. Parrots were made to fly and they will try to do exactly that. Clipping your parrot’s wings can be helpful in discouraging flight. A covered, outdoor aviary would be ideal for getting some fresh air.

6.  Never let your parrot ride lose in the car.  Whether you’re rushing off to the vet or simply taking a road trip, a parrot should never ride un-contained in a car. It is simply too dangerous. Always place your feathered friend in a bird carrier. To make your bird feel more comfortable, place some of his favorite parrot toys in the carrier with him.

Only 2 Days Left to Save at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy SaleOur President’s day month long sale only has 2 days left.

Save 10% to 45% on the best bird toys, Parrot Playgyms, Educational trick training bird toys and more.  Come in and enjoy the savings!!!

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Dino Sandwich Bird Foot Toy New at FunTime Birdy

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Just arrived……The Dino Sandwich Bird Foot Toy for Amazon/African Grey birds up to Cockatoo/Macaw size birds.

We would like to thank our customer Sharon H. and her African Grey “Kiki” for giving this new foot toy the “Talon’s Up” approval.

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Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Find New Home in the Burbs

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill new home in the Burbs

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill have found themselves a new nesting ground…..”The Burbs” of Brisbane California.

These Cherry Headed Conures became popular in the documentary “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” by Mark Bittner.

Now these beautiful birds have moved to the suburbs to enjoy the tranquility of suburban life (LOL).  I would love these guys to move to my neighborhood.  It would be great to wake up and see and hear them….I wouldn’t mind all the chatter.

Click to read full article

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