Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting for Birds

Featherbrite Swag Light

Featherbrite Swag Light

We have been using Featherbrite Full Spectrum lights for over 6 years for all our birds.

Pictured left is two of our birds……”Kiwi” and “Jerry” catching some rays under their Full Spectrum Lights.

What is Full Spectrum Lighting?

Full Spectrum lighting is lighting that emits light that is very close to that of natural sunlight.  The FeatherBrite Full Spectrum 15 Watt Spiral Compact Bulb emits the same color temperature as the sun at high noon.

The health benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting are:

  • Prepares bird for seasonal changes
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Lowers obsessive/compulsive behavior frequencies
  • Relieves psychological distress
  • Mimics a bird’s natural environment
  • Maintains constant environmental temperature
  • Aids a bird’s visual acuity
  • Increases the longevity of your feathered friend

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