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African Grey and Amazon Parrot Gifts for the Holidays

I can’t believe the Holidays are right around the corner and it’s a great time to pick up new bird toy(s), a basketball hoop, a Winger Skateboard  or even a new Parrot Playgym for your feathered friend(s).

Here a few great ideas for that Feathered pal of yours:

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ShredFest Bird Toy for African Grey Size Birds

Winger Skateboard by Mango

FunTime Birdy Junior Willow Tree Playgym

3 Sliding Drawers Bird Toy for Amazon Parrots

Basketball for Parrots by Mango Pet Products

FunTime Birdy

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cockatiels/Conures and Quaker size Birds

With only 5 more shopping days left before Christmas……Don’t forget your Feathered Friend.  Yes, they have been naughty but most of the time they have been nice.(LOL).

Here are a few gift ideas:

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My Buddy Perch

Oven Fresh Bites – Small

Monkey Business Cockatiel / Quaker Bird Toy

Silly Willy Bird Toy

Shredville Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cockatoos and Macaws

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Our Cockatoo/Macaw Bird Toys are perfect gifts for your feathered friends.  Check out the photos below for possible gift ideas for your Cockatoo or Macaw size bird.

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Helicopter Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

Turn and Learn Bird Toy by Nature’s Instinct

Last Straw Bird Toy for Macaws and Cockatoos

Great Balls of Fun Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

Happy Shopping!!!

FunTime Birdy

Blue and Gold Macaw Shower

Wow……this Blue and Gold Macaw really loves his shower!!!!  He doesn’t leave any feather not showered.  LOL

FunTime Birdy

Great Gift Ideas for Parakeets and Lovebirds for the Holidays

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Tis’ the Season for great bird toys, parrot playgyms and more and at FunTime Birdy.

Oven Fresh Bites by Caitec

Sunset Beach Parakeet Swing

Small Parakeet / Lovebird Playgym

Shred Heaven Lovebird Toy

Chewie Bird Toy for Parakeets and Lovebirds

New!!!Buddy Perch for Parakeets and Lovebirds

Scooby the African Grey Performs Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This is such a cute video of “Scooby” the African Grey getting into the Holiday Spirit.  He performs in an English accent.  Too Funny!!!!

FunTime Birdy

Fun Facts about Parrots

Fun Facts about Parrots

Fun Facts about Parrots

Parrots are some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. They thrive in the wild—living in forests and jungles– but can also adapt beautifully to life in captivity where they bond with their human owners. To help you get better acquainted with these amazing creatures, here are a few fun parrot facts:

•    There are 350 parrot species in the world. These birds come in almost every color, size and shape imaginable. Some are docile and mild-mannered; others are outgoing and aggressive.

•    Parrots have zygodactylous feet. This means they have 4 toes—two on the front and two on the back of each foot. This helps them grip tree limbs or their bird perch with ease.

•    Parrots come in a variety of sizes—some are as small as 3.6 inches in length—others are 40 inches long.

•    Some large breeds can live 50 or more years. Amazon parrots can live up to 80 years old. If you do purchase a breed that has the potential to live 50 or more years, you will need to make sure someone is willing to take care of your feathered friend once you pass on.

•    The tongue of a lorikeet looks like a brush. This enables them to eat nectar.

•    Parrots are among the top ten most intelligent species. That’s right—these clever creatures have learned how to read, talk, count and recognize various shapes. To stimulate your parrot’s inner genius, purchase plenty of colorful bird toys, talk to your parrot regularly and teach him tricks.

•    You can tell how old a macaw parrot is by looking at his eyes. Younger birds have black eyes, while older macaws have yellow eyes.

•    Wild cockatoos and macaws fly long distances in search for food—up to 500 miles per day. These birds have lots of stamina.

•    Some parrots are so loud, they can be heard for up to a mile. So be careful which breed you choose!! You wouldn’t want to deafen your neighbors or yourself!!

FunTime Birdy

The Perfect Perch for your Parrot

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Introducing our newest creation…..the FunTime Birdy “Buddy” Perch.    Need an area where your Feathered friend can “hang” out with you?…..the kitchen table, watching TV, at the computer or what ever location you can think of…..the FunTime Birdy “Buddy” Perch is the perfect “versatile” perch for every occasion.

We dedicated our new “Buddy” Perch to our Quaker “Phantom” who passed away on October 12, 2011 of Cancer.  We were able to take pictures of him enjoying his “Buddy” perch in early September 2011.

Great for birds from Parakeet to Amazons.

FunTime Birdy

Holiday Season Bird Toy Sale and More – Take 10% Off your Order – Use Coupon Code HOLIDAY at Checkout

Holiday Bird Toy Sale and More at FunTime Birdy

Holiday Bird Toy Sale and More at FunTime Birdy

Tis’ the Season for Savings at FunTime Birdy.

Take an Additional 10% Off your order now through 12/25.  Use Coupon Code HOLIDAY at checkout.  Discount does not include Cages, Mango Stands, Featherbrite Lights and Crystal Flight Carriers.

At FunTime Birdy we believe your bird’s well being is of the utmost importance. Our Parrot Playgyms and Bird Toys are uniquely designed for that important playtime in your feathered friend’s day.

Check out our over 100 Customer Picture Testimonials to find out what all the Squawk is about at FunTime Birdy.

Happy Shopping!!!!

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