Celebrating Thanksgiving With Your Parrots

Happy Thanksgiving from FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving is designed to be a family holiday. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your relatives…and your pet birds.

Fun activities, a tasty meal and a brief change in routine can help you and your feathered friends become an even closer family.

While there are a number of precautions you should observe during the Thanksgiving holiday to protect your feathered companions, this doesn’t mean they can’t join in the festivities. Here are a few ideas for celebrating this holiday with your feathered family members:

Share the Festivities!!

If you are having a Thanksgiving party at your house, there is no reason to lock your parrot in the back room by himself. Even if he has a few bird toys to keep him company, it’s better to include him/her as much as you can in the family. Allow your bird to come out and socialize with guests or hang out with the family. For safety reasons, be sure to keep your bird on a bird stand or parrot playgym at all times. This will protect him from getting stepped on or lost in a crowd of people.

If your parrots are extremely shy, or if you’re too nervous to have them out when guests are over, why not have a special Thanksgiving dinner just for you and your birds? You can prepare a parrot-friendly meal, play some festive music and just hang out together. Your parrots will love the tasty treats you provide.

 Share the Meal: Parrots love to eat!! In fact, other than playing with parrot toys, this is among their top favorite activities. Allowing your parrot to share the holiday meal can be a lot of fun. Just be careful that you do not feed any food that may be toxic to your bird. This would include things like chocolate and alcohol. In most instances you should avoid feeding your bird fatty or sweet foods. Make your feather friend some plain sweet potato with nothing in or on it.  They will still feel like they are part of the festivities, however they will be eating a bird safe meal.

If you allow your pet to participate in the holiday meal, make sure guests know what they can and cannot feed your bird. To be safe, you may want to make up a plate ahead of time with foods your parrot can eat. If guests want to feed your bird, they can take items from the plate you prepared. In this way you can be sure your bird is receiving only foods that are safe.

 Let Your Bird Show Off!! Does your bird know any bird tricks?  If so, why not let your parrot have the spotlight for a few minutes. Guests will love watching your bird perform and your parrot will love the attention. Even if your bird does not know any fancy tricks he can still show off basic obedience skills or his talking ability.

There are a number of ways to involve your feathered friends in the upcoming holiday. However, carefully watch their stress levels and make sure they are enjoying themselves at all times!!

If your bird needs a break from the crowd, give them their space. But don’t leave them alone for the entire day. Parrots are social creatures—they love being with their family.

So have a happy Thanksgiving together.

FunTime Birdy

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