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Cyber Monday Deals on Bird Toys and Parrot Playgyms

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Sale....Through 11/30

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Happy Shopping!!!!

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Your Parrots

Happy Thanksgiving from FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving is designed to be a family holiday. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your relatives…and your pet birds.

Fun activities, a tasty meal and a brief change in routine can help you and your feathered friends become an even closer family.

While there are a number of precautions you should observe during the Thanksgiving holiday to protect your feathered companions, this doesn’t mean they can’t join in the festivities. Here are a few ideas for celebrating this holiday with your feathered family members:

Share the Festivities!!

If you are having a Thanksgiving party at your house, there is no reason to lock your parrot in the back room by himself. Even if he has a few bird toys to keep him company, it’s better to include him/her as much as you can in the family. Allow your bird to come out and socialize with guests or hang out with the family. For safety reasons, be sure to keep your bird on a bird stand or parrot playgym at all times. This will protect him from getting stepped on or lost in a crowd of people.

If your parrots are extremely shy, or if you’re too nervous to have them out when guests are over, why not have a special Thanksgiving dinner just for you and your birds? You can prepare a parrot-friendly meal, play some festive music and just hang out together. Your parrots will love the tasty treats you provide.

 Share the Meal: Parrots love to eat!! In fact, other than playing with parrot toys, this is among their top favorite activities. Allowing your parrot to share the holiday meal can be a lot of fun. Just be careful that you do not feed any food that may be toxic to your bird. This would include things like chocolate and alcohol. In most instances you should avoid feeding your bird fatty or sweet foods. Make your feather friend some plain sweet potato with nothing in or on it.  They will still feel like they are part of the festivities, however they will be eating a bird safe meal.

If you allow your pet to participate in the holiday meal, make sure guests know what they can and cannot feed your bird. To be safe, you may want to make up a plate ahead of time with foods your parrot can eat. If guests want to feed your bird, they can take items from the plate you prepared. In this way you can be sure your bird is receiving only foods that are safe.

 Let Your Bird Show Off!! Does your bird know any bird tricks?  If so, why not let your parrot have the spotlight for a few minutes. Guests will love watching your bird perform and your parrot will love the attention. Even if your bird does not know any fancy tricks he can still show off basic obedience skills or his talking ability.

There are a number of ways to involve your feathered friends in the upcoming holiday. However, carefully watch their stress levels and make sure they are enjoying themselves at all times!!

If your bird needs a break from the crowd, give them their space. But don’t leave them alone for the entire day. Parrots are social creatures—they love being with their family.

So have a happy Thanksgiving together.

FunTime Birdy

Spaghetti Night – Cockatoo Parrot Feeds Dog

I just love this video sent in by one of our customers Donna G..  What a gentle dog.  Click on link below to see this Cockatoo feeding the family dog spaghetti.    Priceless!!!

Spaghetti Night – Cockatoo Feed Dog Spaghetti

FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Parrots

Happy Thanksgiving from FunTime Birdy

Happy Thanksgiving from FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! With it comes time for family and friends, a hearty meal and tons of desserts.

However, the holiday also brings safety hazards for your feathered friend(s).  Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays we forget that dangers may be lurking nearby for our birds. Below are a few safety tips to help keep your parrots secure and happy during this festive season.

The Kitchen: The kitchen is full of hazards. All responsible bird owners know their bird should never be in the kitchen when they are cooking. During Thanksgiving it is doubly important to keep your bird at a safe distance. The extra activity and preparation increases the number of hazards. The safest thing to do is keep your bird in a different room on his parrot playgym or parrot stands playing with his bird toys.  In this way he is happy, entertained and out of harm’s way.

Hot stovetops, boiling water and scalding pans can injure your parrot. Parrots have been known to fly into boiling water or stoves. They can burn their feet, wings or entire body. Additionally, avoid cooking with Teflon pans. These pans let off an odor that is extremely toxic to parrots. Within 2-5 minutes of being heated these pans let off the fumes that could kill your bird. The fumes are so potent they will infiltrate the entire house. So even if your bird is in another room, fumes from the kitchen could be deadly.

Another thing to keep in mind are the dishes your guests bring over. Friends and relatives may be unaware of how deadly Teflon is to parrots. They may accidentally bring a tasty meal in a Teflon pan and stick it in the oven to stay warm. If you are unsure, always ask guests what type of dish or pan they’re food is sitting in. If it is Teflon, switch the contents to a safer pan that will not harm your birds.

The Decorations—Decorating for the holidays is a lot of fun. Many people bring out fancy center pieces, baskets of synthetic fruit, candles and other ornaments. All these shiny, colorful decorations can be a real temptation for your parrots.

They may want to peck, bite or pull at your lovely decorations. Not only will this mess up your arrangements, it could also harm your feathered friend. Certain paints and finishes can poison your bird. They could also choke on small beads, foam pieces or other objects they pull off the decorations. As a result, do your best to keep your parrots away from your decorations.

The Guests—Not everybody knows how to interact with pet birds. Children may be too rough. Adults may accidentally forget to watch where they step. To keep your bird safe, make sure he is perched on a bird stand or parrot playgym so people can see him. Some birds may become overwhelmed with so many new people in the house. The noise and activity may cause them to feel stressed and anxious. When this happens, even the gentlest birds can bite. During your Thanksgiving festivities, keep a close eye on your parrot. Read his body language and look for cues that he may be starting to feel overwhelmed. If this happens, gently pick him up and place him in a different room in his bird cage with his parrot toys and other familiar items.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tips for Teaching Your Parrot Tricks

Basketball Playing Severe Macaw named Buddy

Parrots are intelligent creatures who love to learn!! They have active minds and a great memory. If you are interested in teaching your parrot some basic tricks—you’re in for a lot of fun. Trick training is no longer something that is left solely to professional trainers. Anyone can teach their bird a simple trick(s).  Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

1.    Make sure your parrot is comfortable with you

Before beginning a training routine, your bird should be completely tame and comfortable around you. If he/she is skittish, or jumps in fear every time you approach him or her, hold off on the training sessions. Instead, spend time getting to know your bird better….. your bird needs to be completely relaxed in order to learn their new tricks.

2.    Choose a quiet training area

Loud noises and lots of activity will easily distract your parrot. In order to have an effective training session, choose a place that is free from distractions. A quiet room is the best option.

3.    Introduce new tricks often

Parrots are extremely intelligent and catch on quickly. Once your parrot has mastered a particular trick, introduce a new one to prevent boredom. This will help keep things lively. It also helps your parrot remain enthusiastic and engaged with the training process.

4.    Reward your parrot

When your Feathered Friend follows commands or grasps a new concept, reward him. Parrots thrive on positive reinforcement.

Just remember the key to success is consistency, diligence and lots of positive reinforcement. If your bird is a little slow and takes longer than normal to master a trick, don’t be discouraged—work patiently with your bird until he becomes proficient. Then move on to something new. And don’t forget to enjoy the process!!!

Most importantly, whether your feathered friend masters their tricks or not remember that this is a great bonding experience so no matter what…..make your feathered friend feel special!!!

Here is our Severe Macaw “Buddy” doing his first “trick” he learned about 3 years ago.  He still loves to play “Hoops”.  Enjoy!!!

FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy – Gobble Up the Savings

Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy

Thanksgiving Sale at FunTime Birdy

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Shredville Bird Toy

Shredville Bird Toy

Moe (The Cockatiel) and Silver (The Cat) Sharing Food

This was sent to us by one of our customers Barb M. in Canada…….Watch Moe and Silver share some “Chow” together.  How cute!!!  What a sweet cat to share his meal.

FunTime Birdy

Can you Find James the DYH Amazon in his Favorite Tree?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of our customers Donna G. from Florida owns “James” the Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot.  James loves to sit in his favorite tree and climb around…of course always under the watchful eye of his Mom.

The neat thing about James is that he is nearly 65 years old.  Doesn’t he look great for his age!

Check out James on his FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym

FunTime Birdy

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Scary Savings at FunTime Birdy

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Ariel and Tyson having a Ball (African Greys) on their new FunTime Birdy Playgym

FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym with Ariel and Tyson

FunTime Birdy Willow Tree Playgym with Ariel and Tyson

Another FunTime Birdy happy customer…..well in this case two happy customers.

Ariel and Tyson the African Greys.  Read what their Mom had to say about their new FunTime Birdy Playgym.


I really liked how you personalized the shipping to have it sent to my birds!! What a cute touch to an amazing gift for them.

They love the stand. They were hesitant at first but love it now.

Thanks again for creating something they love that was affordable!!

Thank you again!!

Jean & John care givers for Ariel & Tyson (African Greys)- Illinois