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Back to School Sale for Bird Supplies Continues at FunTime Birdy

Back to School Sale at FunTime Birdy

Back to School Sale at FunTime Birdy

Now through October 13th…..The FunTime Birdy Back to School Sale continues.

Save 10% to 40% and more!!!!

Checkout these on Sale items:

Great Balls of Fun Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

ShredFest Bird Toy for African Greys

Silly Willy Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Sunset Beach Parakeet and Lovebird Swing

Happy Shopping!!!!

FunTime Birdy

Escaped Cockatoos Teach Wild Cockatoos in Australia to Talk

Talking Wild Cockatoos in Australia

Talking Wild Cockatoos in Australia

Escaped Cockatoos from owners in Australia have been teaching their wild counterparts to talk.

People looking up in their neighborhood trees have been hearing talking lately…..and they have not been drinking too much (LOL).  It’s only the Cockatoos talking.  That is too funny.  Click link below to read full article.

Escaped Cockatoos Teach Wild Cockatoos to Talk

FunTime Birdy

Blue the Parakeet and his New FunTime Birdy Playgym

Blue the Parakeet and his new FunTime Birdy Playgym

Blue the Parakeet and his new FunTime Birdy Playgym

We would like to thank Jacky for sending us the picture of her Parakeet Blue on his new FunTime Birdy Freshman Playgym.

Here is what Jacky had to say:

The toys arrived here late Tuesday, so Blue has only had a couple days to try them out. He still hasn’t climbed onto the perches yet, but after walking around the gym a few times and seeing his favorite ball on the gym he is now beginning to play with it!

I have included a couple pics, but will send a better one when he’s a bit more active!

Thanks again for the follow up (it’s very rare here to get great service!!!)

Thanks Jacky for the kind words!!!!

FunTime Birdy

Pigeon 101

Pigeon 101

Pigeon 101

This cartoon is just to funny……I am sure Pigeons have something like this to teach themselves.

20 years ago, I was just starting a new job in Manhattan.   On my first day the employees from my department took me out to lunch.  On our way back from lunch I felt a drop hit my hair.  It was a beautiful sunny day so I could not imagine what it could be.  I asked a co-worker to take a look in my hair and sure enough a pigeon had pooped on my hair on my first day of a new job.  I took it as Good Luck!! (LOL)

So it would seem pigeons always find me one way or another. (LOL)

FunTime Birdy

Sunset Beach Parakeet Swing – New at FunTime Birdy

Parakeet Swing

New Parakeet Swing available at FunTime Birdy

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view……Funtime Birdy unveils their latest swing for Parakeets and Lovebirds.

Our Parakeet Snowy is shown in the picture to the left modeling the new Sunset Beach Parakeet Swing.

She just loves sitting on the swing and chewing off the plastic puffy sea life.

Check out all our latest arrivals at FunTime Birdy.

New Arrivals at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy

Black Palm Cockatoo named Luci doing a Puzzle Shapes Trick

I just love this video of Luci the Black Palm Cockatoo doing her Puzzle Shapes bird trick.  She is so gentle with the puzzle shapes……plus so talented and smart.

What Bird Toy(s) is Best for my Bird?

What Bird Toy is Best for My Bird?

African Grey with the FunTime Birdy ShredFest

We are asked many times……what bird toy would you suggest for my bird?

I always break bird toys into categories.  Here are my suggestions…..Remember the more bird toys your feathered friend has the more occupied he/she will be and the happier they will be.

•    Chewable Bird Toys:  Toys they can chew on: Most parrots have thick beaks that they love to use.  So bird toys made out of wood and plastic are your best bet.  Here are some examples of chewable bird toys.

Tubular Pops Bird Toy for Parakeets

SuperPop Bird Toy for Cockatiels and Conures

Birdy Cubed for Amazon and African Grey Size Birds

Kaleidescope Bird Toy for Cockatoos and Macaws

•    Shreddable Bird Toys:  Toys they can shred: Birds can be destructive—and they absolutely love engaging in this behavior. It provides them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Shreddable toys are a safe way to allow your bird to indulge themselves.

Small Octopus Bird Toy by Planet Pleasures

Shredville Bird Toy

ShredFest Bird Toy

Shred Sandwich Bird Toy

•    Foraging Bird Toys:   Foraging bird toys allow you to hide food inside a toy—forcing your feathered friend to work for their dinner. Since birds are natural foragers, this type of parrot toy is a great addition to any  collection.

Barrel of Fun Bird Toy by Caitec

Hide N seek Bird Toy by Caitec

Eco Forage Packs

Creative Foraging Kits

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

Only 3 Days Left – Take an Extra 10% Off at FunTime Birdy

FunTime Birdy Sale

Only 3 Days Left

Only 3 days left……to take an extra 10% off your order.

Over 150 products on Sale from Bird Toys, Parrot Playgyms, Bird Perches, Educational and Trick Training Bird Toys and more!!!!

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Happy Shopping

Great Balls of Fun Bird Toy for Cockatoo and Macaws on Sale at FunTime Birdy

Like the 1950’s hit by Jerry Lee Lewis this bird toy will become a classic with your feathered friend.

Our Umbrella Cockatoo “Marshmellow” loves to nibble on the plastic characters and Wiffle Balls and then it is off for a wood chew hidden between the Wiffle Balls.

Great Balls of Fun Bird toy is on sale for only $25.99…..Save 13%

Plus take an additional 10% Off until 9/15……use coupon code “FTBTEN” at checkout.

FunTime Birdy

Three Reasons Why Bird Toys Should Hold An Important Place in Your Budget

Bird Toys

3 Reasons Bird Toys are Important

Bird toys are critical to the health and happiness of your feathered friend.  So why are bird toys such a big deal for birds? There are a number of reasons:

1.    They Keep Your Bird Happy. A bored parrot is an unhappy parrot. Birds who suffer from boredom can develop destructive behaviors such as feather plucking and incessant screaming. They may sink into a deep depression, become anti-social and withdrawn. Surely that’s not the life you want for your beloved feathered friend!!! Bird toys can magically solve the issue of boredom and depression. It will lift your bird’s spirit, making him excited about life and eager to get up each day.

Our African Grey “Jerry” we have learned recently…..loves to shred.  We now stock his cage full of shreddable bird toys.  In the past, he was very shy of new bird toys but when he first was introduced to the ShredFest Bird Toy… was like he found his inner “chew”.

2.    They Keep Your Bird Healthy. Bird toys provide your parrot with physical exercise and stimulation. As your bird tosses, chases, shreds and rolls his toys around his cage or parrot playgym, he is utilizing dozens of muscles in his feet, neck and wings. This helps keep him in shape, encourages circulation and prevents your bird from gaining excess weight.

Our Double Yellow Headed Amazon “Kiwi” loves to play…but sometimes gets a little lazy in his playing ways.   I find if I place Kiwi’s Hide N Seek bird toy by Caitec in different locations in his cage…..he finds it more amusing and never gets bored.

3.    They Make Your Bird More Pleasant to be Around. If your bird is depressed, sullen and unhappy, he will not be a pleasant companion. He may even become aggressive and try to bite you or other family members. Keeping your bird well-socialized and entertained is the key to a positive, healthy relationship between parrot and owner.

Our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow is a wood chewer and loves to shred.  Her favorite bird toy as of of right now is the Helicopter Bird Toy.  This bird toy is great for her because it gives her the best of both worlds…..wood to chew and plenty of shred material.