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Have Wings, Will Travel

Travel Tips for your Pet Parrot

Travel Tips for your Pet Parrot

Now that it is Summer and people will be traveling and spending time on vacation, more and more vacationers are bringing their feathered family along for the ride.

Traveling with your pet parrot(s) can be fun and exciting.  Transporting your feathered friend(s) to your favorite vacation destination   in safety and luxury can be a daunting task.

Click on link below for an article by Robyn Bright from Pet on safety tips when traveling with your bird and tips on travel cages and bird carriers.

Robyn Bright Have Wings will Travel from Pet

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America’s Got Talent – Echo the Amazon Parrot Performs

This is the 2nd time this year on America’s Got Talent that a parrot has really done well.  This time it’s “Echo” the Double Yellow Headed Amazon.   Off to Vegas he goes……the judges loved him.

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Parrot Ownership: Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

Parrot Owner Mistakes

Parrot Owner Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

If you are a first time parrot owner, there is a lot to learn about your new feathered child. This may seem overwhelming. But don’t get discouraged. Read books, talk to experienced parrot owners and do the best you can. Try reading as much about parrot ownership as possible before bringing your new bird home. This will help you avoid costly mistakes that could harm your feathered friend. Here are a few common beginner mistakes to avoid:

1.    Never washing food. Parrots need a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and veggies are sprayed with pesticides and insecticides, which can be toxic to birds. So ALWAYS wash fresh produce, even organic varieties, before feeding them to your parrot.  I always wash off the fruits and vegetables that we eat in our home….our feathered friends are our like our children and thus they get only the best royal treatment.

2.    Leaving dirty, stale or contaminated food in cages. Many parrots use their feet while eating.   This means that food particles cling to their feet and get tracked around their bird cage, and onto their  parrot playgym. They also like to clean their beaks from the food they just ate on anything that is around them at the time.  To keep things sanitary, you will need to clean your feathered friends cage regularly. You should also wipe down their bird perches and parrot playgyms several times a week. Remove food from your parrot’s cage (home) after a few hours. Fresh fruit and veggies will dehydrate and start to go rancid after a while. Even seeds and pellets will go stale and oxidize. So always keep fresh food in your bird’s cage.

3.    Feeding a seed-only diet. Many people mistakenly believe that parrots eat only seeds. However, feeding a seed-only diet is not a healthy choice. Since seeds contain a high volume of fat, they can cause your parrot to gain unnecessary weight. Instead, offer your feathered friend a variety of different foods. Provide him with plenty of exercise through the use of his parrot playgyms, and parrot toys. This will help your feathered baby stay in optimum health.

4.    Contaminating the air. A parrot’s respiratory tract is extremely sensitive to smells and chemicals. As a result, never use a commercial cleaner to sanitize your bird toys,  or cage area. Instead, use a mixture of vinegar and water or unscented dish soap. Never spray air freshener when your parrot is in the room.  Scented candles, hairspray and other strong scents should also be kept away from your parrot.

5.    Not providing adequate Bird Toys. Parrots are active, curious creatures who need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Just because your new parrot does not appear to be playing with his bird toys does not mean you should eliminate toys all together. Instead, search for a bird toy that engages your feathered friend. Most birds love toys that have bright colors and dangling objects.  Remember, birds, like humans, are individuals. What interest’s one parrot may bore another. Take some time to discover your parrot’s individual tastes and preferences. Having an abundance of stimulating bird toys is one of the keys to a happy, well-adjusted parrot.  Don’t forget to add foraging toys.  Foraging for food is an important daily activity that wild birds engage in.  Our domesticated feathered friends are not different.  You can hide some of your birds favorite treats and watch them search for the surprise inside.

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Zeus the Parrot (Cartoon) Sings…..

Another funny cartoon about Zeus the Parrot from Dan Thompson.

Our African Grey “Jerry” has been known to belt out a few tunes of his own.  When he is lost for words he just makes up his own(LOL)  Enjoy!!!

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Zeus the Parrot

Zeus the Parrot by Dan Thompson

Hide N Seek Foraging Bird Toy in Action (Video)

Our flock of feathered children just love the Hide N Seek Foraging Bird Toy by Caitec.  Kiwi our DYH Amazon really loves to forage.   Especially when Mom puts his favorite pellets inside (LOL).  As you can see in the video below…he is in rare form.

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Routine Health Care for Your Parrot

Annual Vet Checks for your pet Parrot

Routine Annual Health Check-Ups are a great way to keep your feathered friend healthy and happy

Most parrot owners are aware of their bird’s basic needs. They realize that it is important to keep the bird cages clean, the bird toys sanitized and the bird perches in decent order.   One item I do on a regular basis for my entire flock is to get them annual routine Check-ups.

The Annual Check-up
Parrots are masters at concealing the slightest sign of illness. A parrot who is feeling under the weather may still push his bird toys around, hop onto his bird perch and walk around his parrot gym—although these activities are usually performed with less enthusiasm than normal. Pinpointing when your feathered friend is under the weather can be difficult.   As a result, many birds may be sick for weeks or months without their owners even realizing it. Some of these birds die suddenly, with no apparent warning. The best way to guard against this is to schedule an annual check-up for your parrot.  Also, it is very important to learn what is “normal behavior” for your feathered friend so you can easily spot a problem.

At the annual check-up your veterinarian will carefully examine your bird to make sure he is in good health. He may also perform a number of routine tests. This includes a fecal test to check for worms, parasites and infections; a throat swab to make sure there are no nutritional inadequacies or other signs of illness.

We take our birds at the same time of year for their annual vet check-ups.  This way it becomes routine and not forgotten.  Our vet even sends out reminders a good two months before their annual exam just to remind us.

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America’s Got Talent – Danny the Talking Conure

A must see video of “Danny” the Conure entertaining America on America’s Got Talent.  Go Danny!!!!

He gets a standing ovation from Piers Morgan and the audience……check out his cute bow at the end of his act.

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Brightly Colored Treats your Bird(s) can’t Resist

Parrot Eating Strawberries

Parrot Eating Strawberry

Summer is almost here and it’s a great time of the year for fresh fruit.  Our birds just love Bananas and Mangoes.

This year I think I will add some Strawberries and Blueberries to my bird’s days of fresh fruit.  For some reason they just love Bananas and Mangoes and not any other kind of fruit.  This year will be different.

My birds tend to eat what I am eating.   Did you ever notice that?  My birds start to get very curious to see what I am eating.  So I am going to spend more time eating Blueberries and Strawberries in front of them.

I will have no problem getting my Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi to eat these new fruits because he is such a Mama’s boy that all I have to do is say “Mommy wants you to eat this because it is good for you” and he will do it. (LOL)  It is my other flock members that are going to be the “tough sell”.

I just read an interesting article on Bird Channel by Laurie Hess DVM of Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics entitled “6 Brightly Colored & Healthy Treats Your Pet Bird Can’t Resist”.

In the article she suggests not only Strawberries and Blueberries but Yellow Peppers, Plums and Sugar Snap Peas.  What a great idea, I can now add these to my flocks diet and even better……mine!!!

Ann Zych
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Sliding Drawer Foraging Bird Toy by Caitec

3 Sliding Drawer Foraging Bird Toy

3 Sliding Drawer Foraging Bird Toy by Caitec

Not One…..not Two…..but Three…..sliding drawers to hide your feathered friends favorite treat in.

Everyday is a different possibility of where to hide your bird’s favorite treat or foraging toy material.

The 3 Stacked Pull out Drawers foraging bird toy consist of 3 two inch pull out drawers on 3 different sides. Your feathered friend must open the drawers to access their favorite food or treats.

Best of all….each drawer has a “Stop” to prevent the drawer from being pulled out by your feathered friend.  My Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi has just started to play with the drawers….he is just learning how to pull open the drawer and having a ball doing it. (LOL)

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Oven Fresh Bite Pellets for Parrots

Our DYH Amazon Kiwi just loves Oven Fresh Bites by Caitec so much that he just had to tell the world “Why” he loves them so much.

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