Hide N Seek Bird Toy by Caitec

Hide N Seek Foraging Bird Toy

Hide N Seek Bird Toy by Caitec

Caitec has developed a new foraging bird toy…..Introducing the Hide N Seek  bird toy.

Your Feathered Friend will have hours of foraging fun and also hours of bird playing fun as he tries to retrieve his/her favorite bird toy parts from inside the Hide N Seek bird toy.

The best part is…..add their favorite treat inside and watch the flurry of foraging begin.  Our Double Yellow Head Amazon “Kiwi” pictured above  was so enthusiastic when we placed his favorite treat inside (a pellet) that he just could not hold back any longer……he was playing for hours.

The Hide N Seek Bird Toy/Foraging Toy is re-fillable so when your feathered friend is done with these bird parts……there is a never ending supply.

Let the playing begin!!!!!

FunTime Birdy


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