Oven Fresh Bird Bites by Caitec

Oven Fresh Bites by Caitec

Oven Fresh Bites by Caitec

The one thing you notice when you open a bag of Oven Fresh Bird Bites by Caitec  is the aroma of freshness.  The second the bag is opened you can smell the  home baked aroma…..and it smells so good!!!

Our birds just started trying Oven Fresh Bites by Caitec and they just love it.  Some of our flock took some time getting used to them….but now they are hooked.  With no added sugar, no artificial flavors or flavorings and no chemical preservatives….these Oven Fresh Bites are a must as a pelleted diet for your feathered friend.

Oven Fresh Bites come in three sizes…….small for parakeet to cockatiel, medium for Amazon and African Grey size birds and large for cockatoo to macaw size birds.  I would definitely recommend Oven Fresh Bites for anyone trying to convert their bird from a seed diet to a pelleted diet.

I always like to change up the pellets I serve my birds so they don’t get bored of one type of pellet….so if your bird is already on a pelleted  diet Oven Fresh Bites is a great change to your feathered friend’s already existing pelleted diet.

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