Playing with your African Grey

African Grey Parrot Jerry

Jerry the African Grey

Our African Grey “Jerry” is a real character.  He loves to talk, laugh and sing.  He is a rescue so he comes with many personality traits……that are all “Jerry”.

He is afraid of the dark…..sometimes.  He doesn’t like new bird toys…….only sometimes.  You can see he really has some habits that are unpredictable.  He’ll like something one day and not the next.

He’ll play with his favorite bird toy “the Surfin Safari” non stop day after day for weeks than won’t play with it for months.   He is like that….and that is OK because that is “Jerry”.

When we introduce a new bird toy to “Jerry” we always show him how to play with the toy… “you see “Jerry” you can chew on this piece of wood then you chew on this piece of plastic and don’t forget the vine balls down here”.  He finds this amusing but ignores us anyway.

Playing with your African Grey is a great way to bond with your feathered friend.  They love the one on one time and all the attention.  Try to play with your African Grey or any of your feathered friends everyday this will pay big dividends as they will become self sufficient and well adjusted companion birds in the end.

Here is an article from Sally Blanchard from Bird entitled “5 Ways to Play with your African Grey”.   These are great tips not only for African Grey bird owners but for any bird owner of any kind.



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