How Do I Locate An Avian Veterinarian?

Avian Vet

How do I locate an Avian Vet?

One of our yearly things we do for our birds is a regular annual vet check.  An annual vet check for your bird is a great way to make your feathered friend is in tip top shape and you can catch any problems that may occur with your bird early on.  It is always difficult to find a physician or a vet in this case that you can trust… are some helpful tips.

1.  One of the first places to start would be to ask your friends, family members or local bird club members for a recommendation. Oftentimes, this is the best way to locate a trustworthy vet. You can also look in the yellow pages or online. Be sure to visit the Association for Avian Veterinarians’ website, as they keep a roster of avian veterinarians by state and zip code.

2.    What Questions Should I ask?
Before enlisting the services of a particular veterinarian, it is a good idea to set up a brief meeting or at least have a phone conversation. You want to be sure this person is someone you can trust and work well with. Ask the vet about his/her experience working with parrots in general and with your species in particular. Some species have unique medical needs or issues that your vet should understand. You may also want to ask if the vet owns parrots personally. This is a good indicator that he understands parrots and is passionate about giving them excellent medical care.  An experienced parrot owner will also be more in-tune to a bird’s body language and behavior. Finally, you will want to ask about the vet’s fee structure. Treating exotic pets, such as parrots, can be extremely expensive. So you will want to get a feel for the cost right up front. If possible, ask for a print-out of the vet’s fees.

3.    What If there are no Avian Veterinarians in my Area?
If you cannot find a vet who specializes in avian medicine in your area, try calling some of the general vets in town to see if any of them treat birds. At times, general practitioners do have some experience with the avian species. You may also want to consider driving to a nearby city or town for medical care if need be.

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2 responses to “How Do I Locate An Avian Veterinarian?

  1. This is great info, these niche Vets can often be hard to find, and in rural areas it can be even more difficult.


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