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Discover the “Oasis” 2011

Oasis Sanctuary

Oasis Sanctuary in Benson Arizona

The Oasis Sanctuary is holding their annual “Discover the Oasis” benefit Saturday May 7th in Benson Arizona.

Discover The Oasis 2011 is a full day of fun, food, silent auction, speakers
and tours of the facility. Tickets are $75 per person for the full day.
(Ticket sales limited to the first 100 registrants)

This is a great way to check out a wonderful parrot sanctuary.

FunTime Birdy

Wild Bird Humor

I saw this in our Sunday Paper and had to chuckle….LOL



Wild Bird Cartoon

Rio the Movie Review by FunTime Birdy

Rio the MovieMy husband and I went to see Rio the Movie in 3D last week and we loved it.  We share our lives with many birds and we were looking forward to seeing “Rio” since there has not been a bird movie around since “Paulie”.

The 3D experience was excellent!  I have not seen a 3D movie in a very long time so I truly enjoyed that part.  There was one scene in the movie that made everyone laugh, however as a bird owner the statement rang so very true that I think only bird owners really got the joke.  “Jewel” the female bird looks at “Blue” and says “Is there anything else I need to know?”  Blue responds with “Yes, I can’t fly, I pick my beak and once in a while I pee in the bird bath!”  Our Severe Macaw Buddy actually picks his beak.  On occasion I have seen him stick his toenail in his nose to make himself sneeze. As all bird owners know, our domesticated birds tend to think of the water dish as a bird bath (they love to splash the water in the water dish) and I have caught more than one of them pooping in their water dish on occasion.

Throughout the movie they had the birds talking human English but at points they had them make squawking sounds as if to show that to our ear they are just making bird noises but to the other birds they are communicating.

I also got a kick out of “Blue” saying that he wished her were back in his bird cage with his bird swing, mirror and little bell.  I think at the time he missed the safety of his home.

All in all the movie was great and I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again with our entire flock.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I strongly recommend seeing it or renting it when it comes out on DVD

FunTime Birdy

April Showers of Savings at FunTime Birdy

April Showers of Savings Sale

April Showers of Savings Sale at FunTime Birdy

Our April Showers of Savings Sale has begun at FunTime Birdy.  Over 150 Items on Sale.

On Sale this month are Creative Foraging Kits by Caitec…..these foraging kits are a great way for your birds to get started into foraging or if they are already into foraging a great addition to their foraging toys.  Sizes range from Cockatiel all the way up to Macaw.

Also on sale is our Small ‘Freshman” Playgym…..perfect for Parakeet and Lovebird size birds.

FunTime Birdy

How Do I Locate An Avian Veterinarian?

Avian Vet

How do I locate an Avian Vet?

One of our yearly things we do for our birds is a regular annual vet check.  An annual vet check for your bird is a great way to make your feathered friend is in tip top shape and you can catch any problems that may occur with your bird early on.  It is always difficult to find a physician or a vet in this case that you can trust… are some helpful tips.

1.  One of the first places to start would be to ask your friends, family members or local bird club members for a recommendation. Oftentimes, this is the best way to locate a trustworthy vet. You can also look in the yellow pages or online. Be sure to visit the Association for Avian Veterinarians’ website, as they keep a roster of avian veterinarians by state and zip code.

2.    What Questions Should I ask?
Before enlisting the services of a particular veterinarian, it is a good idea to set up a brief meeting or at least have a phone conversation. You want to be sure this person is someone you can trust and work well with. Ask the vet about his/her experience working with parrots in general and with your species in particular. Some species have unique medical needs or issues that your vet should understand. You may also want to ask if the vet owns parrots personally. This is a good indicator that he understands parrots and is passionate about giving them excellent medical care.  An experienced parrot owner will also be more in-tune to a bird’s body language and behavior. Finally, you will want to ask about the vet’s fee structure. Treating exotic pets, such as parrots, can be extremely expensive. So you will want to get a feel for the cost right up front. If possible, ask for a print-out of the vet’s fees.

3.    What If there are no Avian Veterinarians in my Area?
If you cannot find a vet who specializes in avian medicine in your area, try calling some of the general vets in town to see if any of them treat birds. At times, general practitioners do have some experience with the avian species. You may also want to consider driving to a nearby city or town for medical care if need be.

FunTime Birdy

Shreddable Bird Toy Sale – 3 Days Left

Bird Kabob Bird Toy

Bird Kabob Bird Toys by Wesco

Our birds just love shreddable bird toys.  Shreddable bird toys are great for the parrot who is just learning to play or for those who love to play with bird toys already.

Our Severe Macaw “Buddy” just loves his Square Tower bird toy by Planet Pleasures.   Often during the day we find “Buddy” just having a ball tossing it from side to side and shredding his Square Tower Bird Toy.

Our Parakeet “Snowy” recently found out how cool it was to shred Bird Kabobs by Wesco.  She already needs to get a new one as this one is almost gone.

There is only 3 days left to our incredible Shreddable Bird Toy Sale.  Come on in and see what all the “Shredding” is about. (LOL)

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Rio – New Animated Trailer – Opens April 15th

Rio the Animated Parrot Movie

Rio the Animated Parrot Movie

Just 1 more day till “Rio” the animated parrot movie opens nationwide.  Here is  the latest trailer……Can’t wait!!!!

Click on link below for new trailer.
Rio Animated Parrot Movie Trailer

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Parrot Facebook Humor with Zeus the Parrot

The comic below reminds me of what my African Grey Jerry or our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow would do if they had their own Facebook page. (LOL)

FunTime Birdy

Zeus the Green Parrot

Zeus the Green Parrot

7 Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips

Here are a few tips for providing superior care to your feathered friends:

1.    Seeds and nuts should make up no more than 10% of your bird’s diet and can be used as treats. It is very important to start your bird on a Pelleted diet as soon as possible.  Fruits, veggies and leafy greens should be given twice a day.  Our gang receives fresh fruit in the morning and at night they receive fresh veggies.  We try and switch the order around so it never gets boring.  Some of our guys like the veggies…..some don’t but over time they dig their beaks into their bowl.

2.    Avoid salty snacks. Crackers and other processed foods should never be given to your parrot. Too much sodium can be toxic to parrots. Even though it may be tempting to hand your bird a cracker as he/she is sitting on his bird stand……don’t give in. Offer him/her an apple slice or a grape instead.

3.    Provide your parrot with plenty of bird toys. Invest in shreddable bird toys, educational bird toys, foot toys and other type of play items you can think of for your feathered friend to enjoy.

4.    Never leave your parrot unattended on his parrot playgyms . Always keep a close eye on your feathered friend when he/she is outside of his cage. He/she could get into mischief.  Marshmellow our Umbrella Cockatoo always has a knack of finding the phone cord and chewing it to bits….thank god for cord less phones.  (LOL)

5.    Keep strong fumes away from your bird. Scented candles, hairspray, non-stick cookware and nail polish remover are very toxic to birds.  We have heard so many horror stories from bird owners not knowing this tip.

6.    Provide your bird with fresh water daily. Clean, fresh water that is free from food particles and droppings is essential for maintaining your parrot’s health.

7.     Invest in a large parrot cage. Your bird needs ample space to move around and play with his bird toys. So invest in the largest cage you can afford—remember this is an investment in your bird’s happiness.

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Birdy Cubed Bird Toy for Amazons – New at FunTime Birdy

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We all know how smart parrots are and now they can learn Algebra…(LOL) with the new FunTime Birdy Birdy Cubed bird toy.

This new bird toy from FunTime Birdy is 4 sides of fun for your Amazon/African Grey size parrot.

Our African Grey Jerry took immediately to chewing the wood chews, plastic dinos and funland characters.  It will easily be your bird’s favorite toy in a mater of seconds.

FunTime Birdy