Shredfest Bird Toy For African Greys and Amazon Size Birds

Amazon Parrot Bird Toys

ShredFest Bird Toy from FunTime Birdy

New from FunTime Birdy……ShredFest!!

Not only is the The ShredFest a shredding bird toy but it is also a foraging toy as well.  You can hide your bird’s favorite treats in the  Eco Forage Boxes and watch him/her forage for them.  These wonderful foraging boxes are completely replaceable.

The Shredfest bird toy contains, 2″ Vine Balls, Small Vine Wreaths, Surfin Safari Wood Chews and Rainbow Woven Palm Leaf Shredders…….all re-fillable to keep the Shredding Party going on forever. The Shredfest also contains jumbo pops and yucca chews.

All items on the ShredFest are contained on our special Magic Wand for easy refilling.

FunTime Birdy

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