Bird “Watch”

Amazon parrot

Amazon parrot

It is important to know what is “Normal” regarding your feathered friends behavior.

I know each day our Amazon “Kiwi” is going to chew on wood  or plastic….it only depends on which toy will be his target.  If there is a day or two when he doesn’t play which can happen…..I go check to see if he is eating properly, see if there is anything go on with his feathers etc…

It is always good practice to keep a “watch” on certain aspects of your parrot(s) behavior.   Certain behaviors like vocalizing, preening and playing activity are a good sign of your birds overall health.  Once you have lived with your feathered friend for a while you will get to know his or her habits and it will become very easy for you to spot any inconsistencies in their behavior.

On the link below is an article from Robyn Bright from Pet Business Magazine entitled “Bird Watch” where she details what to “look” for in spotting changes in your bird’s behavior.

Bird “Watch” by Robyn Bright

FunTime Birdy


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