PVC Playgym for Cockatoos Featuring Taz

PVC Playgym for Cockatoos

Taz (From India) on PVC Playgym for Cockatoos

Direct from New Delhi, India…..another Happy Customer

Thanks Ann,

Here is a picture for your website along with a quote from taz !!


I am Taz and I am a 20 month umbrella cockatoo. I live in India, New Delhi with my Mom & Dad. They got me this really big, colorful fancy gym from across the world in USA. I was nervous and anxious and was wondering what is this beautiful and colorful structure.

I took a few days to get used to this new toy – my play gym which is very sturdy and nice. Now, I don’t like getting off the new gym.

The wood toys are chewy and I love piercing through the plastic toys as well. I am having fun, are you?? Don’t wait, get your mom and dad to buy this for you today.

Ann, thanks for all your help in ensuring my play gym reaches miles and miles away safely. I love the toys you make !!! I will surely get back for more.


Taz (Umbrella Cockatoo) and Reshma – India

I am so happy Taz that you are enjoying your new Senior Playgym. Thank you for sending such of lovely picture!!

FunTime Birdy 


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