When Your Parrot Screams…

When your Parrot Screams

What to do When your Parrot Screams

Having a parrot as a pet can fill your life with fun, laughter and companionship. However, if you have a bird who screams incessantly, it can be frustrating and even deafening. Once your parrot starts screaming, it can be challenging to get him to stop.

You may ask……..Why Do Parrots Scream?
There are several reasons for this. Part of it is instinct. In the wild, birds use their voices to call their mates, ward off predators, check in on where flock members are and just to have some fun.

You may notice your parrot becoming extremely vocal as he/she plays with his/her bird toys.  Our Severe Macaw “Buddy” just loves to scream at his Junior Back to Spool Bird Toy……I think he is just so happy that his toy makes a gentle jingling sound from the spools when he plays with it.  Of course, as he is jingling his toy he is screaming at it because he is having so much fun.

As a parrot owner, you have to make some allowances. Every bird will shriek or scream at one point or another. Typically birds will scream in the morning and at dusk.  If you want to own parrots, you’ll need to accept this. However, when the screaming gets out of hand and becomes incessant, you will need to deal with it. Some breeds are naturally more vocal than others and larger birds tend to be louder than smaller birds.

So what should you do when you have a parrot who screams incessantly? Here are a few tips:

1.    Ignore the Behavior
If your parrot is in his bird cage, surrounded by plenty of bird toys, and he/she starts to scream as you leave the room, ignore him/her. Returning to the cage only reinforces this behavior. Wait until after your parrot stops screaming before paying any additional attention to him. Oftentimes, ignoring the bad behavior will eliminate it altogether.  We have seen this work with our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow.

2.    Provide Your Parrot With Regular Attention
If you have parrots, you have an obligation to keep them happy and provide for their needs. Since parrots are naturally social creatures, they require plenty of stimulation and interaction to thrive. Be sure to provide your bird with a healthy dose of attention on a regular basis. Take him out of his birdcage when you come home from work and place him on a bird stand next to you. If you are busy in another part of your home, set your bird stand in your room so your feathered friend can be close to you. This will help your parrot feel like part of the family and will eliminate his need to scream.

3.    Keep Your Birds Entertained
Many parrots scream out of boredom. This can be especially troublesome if your bird screams all day while you are at work. It could start to annoy the neighbors. To prevent your feathered friend from getting board and acting out, be sure to provide him with plenty of bird toys.   Look for a good variety of bird toys……wood bird toys, plastic bird toys, foraging bird toys etc….. A lot of our customers place a daily foot toy in their feathered friends cages to keep them occupied while they are gone during the day at work.

You may also want to buy a DVD for your bird to watch.  My birds love the Bird Sitter DVD.  The Bird Sitter DVD has a continuous loop so that it can play all day while you are at work.  You can also leave the TV on or the radio to keep your feathered baby company while you are at work.  My mom loves to leave the Carton Network on for her birds.

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