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Spring has Sprung Sale at FunTime Birdy

Spring Sale at FunTime Birdy

Spring Sale at FunTime Birdy

Our annual Spring Sale is underway at FunTime Birdy.

Great savings on your favorite bird toys, parrot playgyms, bird perches, shreddable bird toys and more!

FunTime Birdy

Sampson the Cockatiel with the FunTime Birdy Ring Toss

A great video of “Sampson ” the Cockatiel playing with his new  FunTime Birdy Ring Toss. Sent in to us by Anne T. (Sampson’s mom)

Sampson is only 4 months old…..what a cutie!!!!  He definitely has superstar potential.

FunTime Birdy

Bird Toy “Sheena of the Jungle” new from FunTime Birdy

Sheena of the Jungle Bird Toy

Sheena of the Jungle

Our new “Sheena of the Jungle” bird toy for Amazon Parrots and African Grey size parrots would be a great addition to your birds home.

“Bring out the Jungle” in your bird as he/she chews these wood chews in delight.  This bird toy was named after a friend’s African Grey named “Sheena”.  He told us “Sheena is a very picky bird and if she plays with this bird toy then you have a winner”……Well, “Sheena” loved it!!!!!

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How to “Potty” Train Your Parrot

Poop Training your Parrot

Poop Training your Parrot

One of the more unpleasant aspects of parrot ownership……. is dealing with the frequent droppings (“Poop”). The good news is that you can “Potty” train your parrots.

Parrots are extremely intelligent creatures who catch on fast. So with a little dedication and perseverance, you should be able to teach your bird to potty on command and in a specific area.

Since parrots have an extremely high metabolism, food passes through their system at a rapid rate—usually within 30 minutes. This is one of the reasons they need to poop so frequently.   Smaller birds usually need to go every 10-30 minutes, while larger birds can hold it for several hours if needed.  Our Parakeet “Snowy” is a frequent “Pooper” and our large Umbrella Cockatoo “Marshmellow” tends hold her “Poop” for a long time.

So how do you “Potty” train your bird? Here are a few tips:

1.    Get to Know Your Bird
Before instituting a training program, spend a few days observing your feathered friends as they sit on their bird stands or inside their bird cages.  Determine how frequently your feathered friend needs to poop as well as what types of behaviors he/she exhibit prior to going.  For example, some birds may crouch down low, spread their wings or take a step backwards or forwards when getting ready to potty.   If you see your bird starting to wag his tail , you’ll know its time to pick him up and take him to a designated area so he/she can do his/her business.

2.    Select a Place
You will need to select a location for your parrot to use to “Poop”.  Some parrot owners teach their birds to go on newspaper or paper towels. Others may select a wastebasket or perch.

3.    Choose a Command
When training your feathered friend, select a verbal command that encourages your bird to “Poop” when asked. Use this same command over and over. The goal is to help your parrot associate this term with doing their business.  Our African Grey “Jerry” has his own command for himself when he is ready to “go”…..he says “Jerry went Poops” before he goes.  (LOL)

4.    Use Positive Reinforcement
Praise your parrot every time he/she poops in the appropriate area. If you notice that he/she looks like he needs to go while in the middle of playing with his parrot toys, pick him/her up and take him/her over the newspaper, perch or wastepaper basket you have selected for pooping.  Once he/she goes, praise him/her profusely.

With persistence and dedication, your bird will be “Potty” trained in no time. The length of time it requires will depend on your particular feathered friend. Some may catch on in as little as two weeks. Other parrots may require a little more time. Just remember to reward your parrot for his hard work using verbal praise.  Most important for all, enjoy the time with your feathered friend and the training process.

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FunTime Birdy FunStation Play Gym With Kyle – Review

FunTime Birdy FunStation Playgym

FunTime Birdy FunStation Playgym with Kyle

Check out “Kyle” on his new FunTime Birdy FunStation Playgym.  It looks like he found the “Shred Station” toy without any problem.

“Kyle’s Mom Barbara says “Hi Ann –
Thought you might like to see Kyle enjoying his new “play gym”.
He likes the hanging toys, too. He really enjoys that play gym.
Maybe I can get a video of him actually doing something while he’s doing it and not just afterwards.”

Barbara and Kyle (Sulfer Crested Cockatoo) – Florida

Thanks Barbara…..we look forward to the video of Kyle

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Feathered Sweetheart Sale Continues…..Only 4 Days Left

Valentine's Sale at FunTime Birdy

Sweethearts with Feathers

Only 4 days left to shop for your favorite bird toys, bird perches and bird stands for your feathered friend.

Our Valentine’s Sale/Feathered Sweetheart Sale ends this Thursday, March 17th.

Stock up and Save now!!!!

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Shredfest Bird Toy For African Greys and Amazon Size Birds

Amazon Parrot Bird Toys

ShredFest Bird Toy from FunTime Birdy

New from FunTime Birdy……ShredFest!!

Not only is the The ShredFest a shredding bird toy but it is also a foraging toy as well.  You can hide your bird’s favorite treats in the  Eco Forage Boxes and watch him/her forage for them.  These wonderful foraging boxes are completely replaceable.

The Shredfest bird toy contains, 2″ Vine Balls, Small Vine Wreaths, Surfin Safari Wood Chews and Rainbow Woven Palm Leaf Shredders…….all re-fillable to keep the Shredding Party going on forever. The Shredfest also contains jumbo pops and yucca chews.

All items on the ShredFest are contained on our special Magic Wand for easy refilling.

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Bird “Watch”

Amazon parrot

Amazon parrot

It is important to know what is “Normal” regarding your feathered friends behavior.

I know each day our Amazon “Kiwi” is going to chew on wood  or plastic….it only depends on which toy will be his target.  If there is a day or two when he doesn’t play which can happen…..I go check to see if he is eating properly, see if there is anything go on with his feathers etc…

It is always good practice to keep a “watch” on certain aspects of your parrot(s) behavior.   Certain behaviors like vocalizing, preening and playing activity are a good sign of your birds overall health.  Once you have lived with your feathered friend for a while you will get to know his or her habits and it will become very easy for you to spot any inconsistencies in their behavior.

On the link below is an article from Robyn Bright from Pet Business Magazine entitled “Bird Watch” where she details what to “look” for in spotting changes in your bird’s behavior.

Bird “Watch” by Robyn Bright

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PVC Playgym for Cockatoos Featuring Taz

PVC Playgym for Cockatoos

Taz (From India) on PVC Playgym for Cockatoos

Direct from New Delhi, India…..another Happy Customer

Thanks Ann,

Here is a picture for your website along with a quote from taz !!


I am Taz and I am a 20 month umbrella cockatoo. I live in India, New Delhi with my Mom & Dad. They got me this really big, colorful fancy gym from across the world in USA. I was nervous and anxious and was wondering what is this beautiful and colorful structure.

I took a few days to get used to this new toy – my play gym which is very sturdy and nice. Now, I don’t like getting off the new gym.

The wood toys are chewy and I love piercing through the plastic toys as well. I am having fun, are you?? Don’t wait, get your mom and dad to buy this for you today.

Ann, thanks for all your help in ensuring my play gym reaches miles and miles away safely. I love the toys you make !!! I will surely get back for more.


Taz (Umbrella Cockatoo) and Reshma – India

I am so happy Taz that you are enjoying your new Senior Playgym. Thank you for sending such of lovely picture!!

FunTime Birdy 

When Your Parrot Screams…

When your Parrot Screams

What to do When your Parrot Screams

Having a parrot as a pet can fill your life with fun, laughter and companionship. However, if you have a bird who screams incessantly, it can be frustrating and even deafening. Once your parrot starts screaming, it can be challenging to get him to stop.

You may ask……..Why Do Parrots Scream?
There are several reasons for this. Part of it is instinct. In the wild, birds use their voices to call their mates, ward off predators, check in on where flock members are and just to have some fun.

You may notice your parrot becoming extremely vocal as he/she plays with his/her bird toys.  Our Severe Macaw “Buddy” just loves to scream at his Junior Back to Spool Bird Toy……I think he is just so happy that his toy makes a gentle jingling sound from the spools when he plays with it.  Of course, as he is jingling his toy he is screaming at it because he is having so much fun.

As a parrot owner, you have to make some allowances. Every bird will shriek or scream at one point or another. Typically birds will scream in the morning and at dusk.  If you want to own parrots, you’ll need to accept this. However, when the screaming gets out of hand and becomes incessant, you will need to deal with it. Some breeds are naturally more vocal than others and larger birds tend to be louder than smaller birds.

So what should you do when you have a parrot who screams incessantly? Here are a few tips:

1.    Ignore the Behavior
If your parrot is in his bird cage, surrounded by plenty of bird toys, and he/she starts to scream as you leave the room, ignore him/her. Returning to the cage only reinforces this behavior. Wait until after your parrot stops screaming before paying any additional attention to him. Oftentimes, ignoring the bad behavior will eliminate it altogether.  We have seen this work with our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow.

2.    Provide Your Parrot With Regular Attention
If you have parrots, you have an obligation to keep them happy and provide for their needs. Since parrots are naturally social creatures, they require plenty of stimulation and interaction to thrive. Be sure to provide your bird with a healthy dose of attention on a regular basis. Take him out of his birdcage when you come home from work and place him on a bird stand next to you. If you are busy in another part of your home, set your bird stand in your room so your feathered friend can be close to you. This will help your parrot feel like part of the family and will eliminate his need to scream.

3.    Keep Your Birds Entertained
Many parrots scream out of boredom. This can be especially troublesome if your bird screams all day while you are at work. It could start to annoy the neighbors. To prevent your feathered friend from getting board and acting out, be sure to provide him with plenty of bird toys.   Look for a good variety of bird toys……wood bird toys, plastic bird toys, foraging bird toys etc….. A lot of our customers place a daily foot toy in their feathered friends cages to keep them occupied while they are gone during the day at work.

You may also want to buy a DVD for your bird to watch.  My birds love the Bird Sitter DVD.  The Bird Sitter DVD has a continuous loop so that it can play all day while you are at work.  You can also leave the TV on or the radio to keep your feathered baby company while you are at work.  My mom loves to leave the Carton Network on for her birds.

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